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  • Cardinals 2044 Draft Class

    The 2043 Arizona Cardinals went 2-14 to rightfully earn the worst record in the FFL with a dreadful offense that struggled to run or pass the ball with any consistency at all. With this in mind, management dealt pick 1.1 to the Chicago Bears for multiple picks (this year and next) to help improve the offense.

    1.6 - Cedric Ogbuehi, OT
    School: Kentucky
    Height: 6' 8"
    Weight: 336

    The Cardinals needed a young, fast and athletic offensive tackle to anchor the left side of their line and pave the way for an improved running attack. The raw and talented Cedric Ogbuehi certainly possesses the traits to fill the bill. He is expected to start right away.

    Role: LT1

    2.14 – Antonio Brothwell, WR
    School: Indiana
    Height: 5’ 11”
    Weight: 194

    The Cardinals receiving corps was woefully thin at WR with their only real receiving threat being the frequently double-covered Gino Benson. Antonio Brothwell is a fast disciplined route runner who can make the tough catches over the middle. He is also expected to start right away.

    Role: SE1

    3.1 – Jace Hastings, WR
    School: Rutgers
    Height: 5’ 11"
    Weight: 190

    Jace Hastings is a sure-handed receiver who can get downfield and return kicks on Special Teams. He will provide another deep threat for QB Leroy McNeil as the second flanker behind Benson.

    Role: FL2/KR1

    4.1 – Mitchell Floyd, OT
    School: Army
    Height: 6’ 3"
    Weight: 322

    Mitchell Floyd was projected as a late 2nd round pick in the FFL mock draft but he fell into the 4th round. He is a capable player who can run/pass block; he will compete for the starting job at right tackle with Britt Garner.

    Role: RT1/2

    4.16 – Deion Hines, OG
    School: Mississippi
    Height: 6' 6"
    Weight: 349

    Deion Hines is a fast and agile run blocker who will compete for the starting job at RG with Johnny Sherman.

    Role: RG1/2

    5.1 – Orlando Holcomb, DT
    School: Canisus
    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 298

    Orlando Holcomb is a strong inside pass rusher who will provide depth at the DT position.

    Role: DT2

    6.1 – Ernest Cline, CB
    School: Ohio State
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 183

    The diminutive Ernest Cline will provide much needed depth to the secondary as a Nickel/Dime corner following the loss of Mack Lindquist to the KC Chiefs via Free Agency.

    Role: CB2

    7.1 – Brady Foley, TE
    School: Duke
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 247

    Brady Foley will compete with Alejandro Evans for the TE2 job.

    Role: TE2/3
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    Rick Vicedo
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    Ogbuehi looks like an absolute beast!


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      While Ogbuehi will be great I would have had a hard time passing on Shelton.


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        Shelton was tempting..., but OT was a greater need - I drafted Holcomb in the 5th and his developed PRS is the same as Shelton and he will be paired with Easley on passing downs
        Rick Vicedo
        Former GM Denver Broncos
        Current GM Los Angeles Chargers


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          good haul