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    Career Record: 124-83-1 (.598) in the Regular Season; 7-8 (.466) in the Playoffs

    Number of Division Titles: 7
    Number of Conference Championships: 1
    Number of Franchise Bowl Championships: 0

    History of GMs:
    Malicious Intent (2016-present) 11-5 (.687); 3-1 (.750) in the Playoffs
    DoomsDaddy (2014-2015) 20-11-1 (.645); 1-2 (.333) in the Playoffs
    Rich.StL (2013) 6-10 (.375)
    bountyhunter1 (2004-2011) 80-48 (.625); 3-5 (.375)

    2004: 11-5 (2nd; WildCard) lost in Divisional Round to DET (24 to 27)
    2005: 9-7 (NFC West Champs) lost in Divisional Round to DET (24 to 31)
    2006: 9-7 (T-1st)
    2007: 12-4 (NFC West Champs) lost in NFC Championship to MIN (10 to 27)
    2008: 9-7 (3rd)
    2009: 12-4 (NFC West Champs) lost in Divisional Round to NOS (10 to 31)
    2010: 12-4 (NFC West Champs) lost in Divisional Round to SFO (13 to 17)
    2011: 6-10 (3rd)
    2012: 7-9 (3rd)
    2013: 6-10 (4th)
    2014: 10-6 (NFC West Champs) lost in WildCard Round to WAS (28 to 38)
    2015: 10-5-1 (NFC West Champ) lost in Divisional Round to CHI (14 to 34)
    2016: 11-5 (NFC West Champs) lost in Franchise Bowl to PIT (17 to 20)
    AFC NORTH CHAMPS: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2016
    AFC CHAMPS: 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016
    FRANCHISE BOWL CHAMPS in 2011 and 2016

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    There's a new sheriff in the Gateway City, and he is making waves in his first-ever draft. Before the 2014 draft began, seeing a glaring need at QB, DoomsDaddy got to work, putting together a deal to snag proven starter and mentor, Cory Reynolds (57/57) from the Steelers in exchange for Bart Grant (42/42) and the Rams' 2014 4th round pick.

    That deal, which promises to shore up the most important position on the field, was followed by what many pundits have called the second biggest gaffe in this year's draft. The Rams dealt this year's 2nd and 5th round picks, and the 2015 2nd round pick to division rival San Francisco for 8-yr veteran running back Matthew Maciver (61/61) and the Niners' 2015 4th and 5th round picks.

    After the dubious deal with the 49ers, Rams' brass was left with just a 3rd, 6th, and 7th round pick remaining in the current draft. However, through a series of moves from their 3.7 position, they managed to nab LT Chris Colmer (44/51) from Cleveland, and pick up a 4.24 and 5.2 in the process.

    In addition, with their first round pick, number 9 overall, the Rams made an attempt to find the longterm answer to the QB quandary by selecting Roosevelt Murphy (27/53).

    "We feel we are back in the game," said DoomsDaddy. "We like what we have done so far." Not everyone agrees, of course, with his assessment.

    Stay tuned!


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      Fast Start

      Two games into the 2014 season, and the Rams have already accumulated 1/3 as many victories as all of last year. The new management team could not be happier with the fast start...especially after the risky off-season moves they made to acquire a new offensive backfield.

      Yesterday, the Rams defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-17 on the strength of a solid rushing game and an opportunistic defense. Led by Matthew Maciver's 86-yard performance, the Rams out-rushed the Chiefs, 144 yards to 78.

      Cornerback David Jones, with his two interceptions, was named the game's MVP. His teammates Tinoisamoa and Reynaldo Hill each had one interception. The defensive front harassed KC QB Kevin Kolb all day long, recording 4 hurries and 2 sacks.

      "We are excited for our players, our fans, and the city of St. Louis," General Manager, DoomsDaddy said in a post-game interview. He also cautioned, "It's only two games. We have plenty of work to do and areas that need improvement. I am, however, proud of the job our coaches and players have done to get us off to a nice start.

      Coach Levon Amato credited his players, saying, "These guys have no quit in them. They are resilient and determined. I couldn't be happier with the effort."

      With the the Greatest Show on Turf becoming more and more a distant memory, the city of St. Louis has enthusiastically embraced the new-look Rams. Hopes are high, and if this early success continues, expectations will soon be just as high.


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        Your Rams were the big surprise during the first three weeks of the 2014 NFL season. Charging to a 3-0 record out of the gate has the stands filling back up and the Gateway City all abuzz. Yeah, it doesn't take much to excite you.

        On Sunday, the men with the hard heads and curved horns found their irresistible force challenged by an immovable object, namely the San Francisco 49ers. Despite a gallant team effort, and a stellar individual performance by backup running back, Rico Blair, the Rams stumbled back to earth, recording their first loss of the season, 24-21.

        Matt Leinhart was named the game's MVP, and deservedly so. Completing 20 of 29 pass attempts for 266 yards and a touchdown, the 49ers signal caller guided the division rivals to victory.

        Playing in place of the injured Matthew MacIver (received in trade from the 49ers during the off-season in the notorious and much-maligned first move of the new regime), Blair rushed for 105 yards on just 14 attempts, including a 46-yard scamper. The young back turned in the best performance of the game. More than that, though, his team-best 4.77 yards per carry average on the year (currently sixth best in the league) has some womdering whether he shouldn't be the starter.

        GM DoomsDaddy, when asked about the growing controversy at tailback, responded, "Controversy? What controversy? Last year, we had one good back, now we have two very good backs. Options, baby. Depth. There's no controversy. That's just something for you to write when you can't think of anything better to write."

        Um, Thanks, D-Daddy.

        MacIver was asked how he felt about having to stand on the sideline while his new mates played his former team. He responded, "Man, it sucks! It sucks big donkey d..."

        Thanks, Matthew. We get the picture.

        All in all, 3-1 through the first quarter of their first season in St Louis is a good start for the DoomsDaddy regime.

        Next up, the Giants from the City That Never Sleeps. Well, they better not fall asleep on this team.


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          Premier Edition of Rambunctious Review...Hot off Presses!

          This is best read as a .pdf file. Read it here...

          or view the jpg version...



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            The Ram[bunctious] Review now has its own web page. Check it out here...



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              2016 Preview

              QB Roosevelt Murphy looked good in 8 starts last season. The question will be if he can keep it up for a full season. He will get the chance this season. The running game will be by commity. No one really stands out but all 4 guys are solid. Murphy was licking his chops on draft day when St Louis selected TE Mark Samuels. Samuels along with 2nd year WR James Hardy will help improve the passing attack. The down fall for this team will be the offensive line. Be sides LG B.J. LaRiche no one is worth talking about. Their Defense should keep games close. DE Ernie Halkin and MLB Sam Gambrell should help slow down the run. CBs Karl Paymah and Reynoldo Hill should give QB fits in the passing game.
              AFC NORTH CHAMPS: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2016
              AFC CHAMPS: 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016
              FRANCHISE BOWL CHAMPS in 2011 and 2016


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                Re: St Louis Rams

                2025 SEASON

                WEEK 1

                St. Louis Rams: 17
                Arizona Cardinals: 24

                Tough loss to a division rival. We played well but not well enough to get the win. Too many key mistakes we made at crucial times. One key play was giving up an 85 yard kickoff return. That play took the air out of us. We just have to focus more and make the plays when they count.

                Our defense played well holding Arizona to under 300 total yards. But Arizona is such a good team, that holding them wasn't good enough. Hats off to Arizona for their gameplanning. They made the plays when it counted, and that's why they have a "W" and we have an "L".

                GAME REVIEW

                Arizona: Pro formation, strength is right. The defense is in a 43 and 2-deep man-to-man coverage, expecting the run.
                2-10-STL15 (1Q: 10:10) Howard Westbrook ran inside the left guard for 15 yards and a TOUCHDOWN! Key block delivered by Ernie Crane. Arizona's Howard Westbrook was hurt on the play. This appears to be a minor leg injury. He should be able to remain in the game. Arizona 6, St. Louis 0

                (1Q: 10:10) Extra point by Ricky Azzoo was good. Arizona 7, St. Louis 0

                St. Louis: I formation, with the second wideout in the slot, strength is right. The defense is in a 43 with nickel personnel and 2-deep man-to-man coverage, expecting the pass.
                1-5-ARI05 (1Q: 01:42) Phillip Embry ran around right end for 5 yards and a TOUCHDOWN! Key block delivered by Craig Young. Arizona 7, St. Louis 6

                (1Q: 01:42) Extra point by Cornelius Morris was good. Arizona 7, St. Louis 7

                4-13-ARI14 (2Q: 02:36) Cornelius Morris attempted a 31 yard field goal and succeeded. St. Louis 10, Arizona 7

                2Q: 02:31) Cornelius Morris kicked off 55 yards from the STL30. Kyle Wilson returned the ball 85 yards for a TOUCHDOWN! Arizona 13, St. Louis 10

                (2Q: 02:31) Extra point by Ricky Azzoo was good. Arizona 14, St. Louis 10

                4-1-STL16 (3Q: 09:34) Ricky Azzoo attempted a 33 yard field goal and succeeded. Arizona 17, St. Louis 10

                St. Louis: Strong formation with three wideouts, strength is right. The defense is in a 43 with nickel personnel and 4-deep zone coverage, keying aggressively on the pass.
                3-9-ARI09 (3Q: 01:09) Vernon Wilcox pass completed to WR Clarence Wagner for 9 yards and a TOUCHDOWN! The quarterback threw away from the double coverage. Arizona 17, St. Louis 16

                (3Q: 01:09) Extra point by Cornelius Morris was good. Arizona 17, St. Louis 17

                Arizona: I formation, strength is left. The defense is in a 43 with nickel personnel and 3-deep zone coverage, expecting the pass.
                1-6-STL06 (4Q: 03:23) Howard Westbrook ran around right end for 6 yards and a TOUCHDOWN! Key block delivered by Martin Felker. Arizona 23, St. Louis 17

                (4Q: 03:23) Extra point by Ricky Azzoo was good. Arizona 24, St. Louis 17

                GG Barkerville. Until next time
                FFL: St. Louis Rams