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    Career Record: 104-104 (.500) in the Regular Season; 5-5 (.500) in the Playoffs

    Number of Division Titles: 2
    Number of Conference Championships: 1
    Number of Franchise Bowl Championships: 0

    History of GMs:
    49ersGM (2016-present) 7-9 (.437)
    CLOWN (2015) 5-11 (.312)
    Bako (2004-2014) 92-84 (.522); 5-5 (.500)

    2004: 4-12 (4th)
    2005: 6-10 (T-3rd)
    2006: 9-7 (NFC West Champs) lost in NFC Championship to WAS (17 to 30)
    2007: 12-4 (T-1st; WildCard) lost in WildCard Round to DAL (7 to 20)
    2008: 12-4 (NFC West Champs) lost in WildCard Round to SEA (19 to 25)
    2009: 12-4 (T-1st; WildCard) lost in WildCard Round to NOS (16 to 21)
    2010: 10-6 (2nd; WildCard) lost in Franchise Bowl to JAX (9 to 17)
    2011: 5-11 (4th)
    2012: 6-10 (4th)
    2013: 8-8 (T-1st)
    2014: 8-8 (T-2nd)
    2015: 5-11 (3rd)
    2016: 7-9 (3rd)
    AFC NORTH CHAMPS: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2016
    AFC CHAMPS: 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016
    FRANCHISE BOWL CHAMPS in 2011 and 2016

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    2013 Preview

    The once proud and dominant SF 49'ers have had a tough run since the switch to FOF 2007. Run by an original GM, Bako, the 49'ers had been one of the better teams in the league with 5 straight trips to the playoffs including a trip to the big game in 2010. But since that Championship loss to Jacksonville, Bako has been forced to rebuild and now has the youngest team in the league.

    Bako has gone about rebuilding his team through the draft with an inordinate number of picks the last two years. He currently has 26 players on the team that he personally drafted in the last two years and 36 total players who are either rookies or in their 2nd year. The best of those being last year's #11 overall pick LDT Derek Jamison. But with any team this young, he still has a way to go before getting back to his former glory.

    In the offseason SF made one big trade. They plucked Matt Leinart from TB giving up the 6th overall pick and the 5th and 32nd picks in this year's draft. Bako had tried to solidify the QB position last season drafting Nathan Warfield with the 6th overall pick. But the kid from Aspen only played in 8 games last year, was sent to summer league this year, and was clearly not the long term solution at QB. Leinart comes to SF in only his 5th year and according to Greta is the 8th best QB in the league. He should easily be the long term solution for SF leaving them to wonder what to do with Franchised QB JP Losman and last year's top pick in Warfield.

    The only other trade SF made this offseason was jumping up a few spots in the 2nd round to try and solidify their starting RB position taking Frankie Rosenthal out of Northeastern. Frankie's an extremely elusive back that should walk right into the starting role. Not a superstar by any means but should provide some amazing highlights for the fans with his shifty moves.

    SF spent several picks in the last two years trying to acquire someone to catch the ball but is still extremely lacking. Last year they selected WR Eugene Fisher with the 21st overall pick who looked decent but suffered through three injuries last year and seems to have regressed a little in camp this season. He's got great hands and big play ability but really only had 1 good game last year. SF tried getting some more receiving help this year with the 10th and 20th picks of the third round. Hitch**** appears to have some potential but will probably never develop into a starter and Hatcher will probably only be used as a punt returner. In order to take this team to the next level SF will need to get Leinart some quality targets.

    San Fran's offensive line is anchored in the middle with third year stud Leroy Harris. A 4th round pick by Bako, Harris is somewhat undersized but still a beast in run blocking and could possibly be the best run-blocker in the game. Although not known for his pass blocking he did only allow 1 sack all of last year. A huge upgrade from the 9 he gave up his rookie year.

    Also in that 2011 draft, SF selected another lineman, 12 Picks after Harris, taking RG Kasey Studdard who has developed into a decent starter but has a propensity for giving up sacks.

    Other than those two, there isn't much else worth talking about on the O-line.

    The D-line is a different story and probably the strength of this team. The middle of the line is anchored by last year's 11th overall pick Jamison who really made an improvement in training camp this season and looks to be one of the best run stoppers in the game. Next to him in the middle is FA mentor Karl Chamberlin who spent his last 6 years in Houston. Chamberlin provides another solid interior lineman who should also help mold Jamison into a superstar.

    All three DEs on the roster are products of last year's draft. Both starters were 2nd round picks. Vasquez looks like he could really grow into a good player, but Williams doesn't appear to be anything more than average. The last year, as rookies, the two combined for only 10 sacks, but they have plenty of room to grow and develop. A mentor would really help their development.

    Currently the only MLB on the team is rookie 4th rounder Lester Jacobs who has room to grow into a good backup, but will never be a legitimate starter. Bako really needs to find himself someone to man this position.
    Last year Bako selected their SLB in the third round in Timothy Feenstra. He's still got some room to grow but is easily the best linebacker on the team and had an incredible camp. Really seems to have stepped up his game in the offseason and looks like a great 3rd round pick.

    On the weak side however, Herman Meyer had the complete opposite offseason and camp. What appeared to be a solid starter at WLB now looks more like a liability. Meyer has a great play recognition and pass rush technique but took several steps backwards this year. A big disappointment for management I'm sure.

    There's not much to talk about in the secondary either. Both CB starters came out of last year's draft but neither should be starters. Wayne was selected near the top of the 2nd, but 4th round pick Legins might actually be the better player. Two spots before Legins SF selected SS Tyrus Montgomery who would have to be considered a bust. Absolutely no play diagnosis nor endurance and it doesn't look like he'll get any better than he is now, which isn't saying much. But like with the selection of Legins, Bako might have found another good player in the fourth round last year with FS Louie Shephard. He's already emerged as the leader of the secondary and is easily the best player in the secondary.

    SF does seem pretty set with their Punter and Kicker. Last year they picked up undrafted rookie punter Krumrei who has a monster foot and did a pretty decent job of dropping the ball inside the 20 last year. This year they selected K Roger Kowal in the 4th round who should turn into a very decent all-around kicker.

    In short, this team is not really ready to compete yet. The team is extremely young but even then doesn't seem to have long term answers at many positions. They will probably have a tough time improving on their 6-10 record from last year and could easily end up 4th in the division for the third year in a row.
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    AFC CHAMPS: 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016
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      2016 Preview

      This team Needs Matt Leinhart of 2013. The problem is that donít have the WR corps from 2013. They really donít have anyone on offense to help Leinhart. TE Craig Stevens and his 430 yards and 3 TDís is about as good as it gets. The offensive line is not going to give him a whole lot of time. The running game will be lead by rookie Matthew Dundas. Dundas might not be great at any one thing, but he does many things well. Defensively they have 2 youing DTís in Derek Jamison and Lenny Erikson that will be the anchors of this defense for years to come.
      AFC NORTH CHAMPS: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2016
      AFC CHAMPS: 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016
      FRANCHISE BOWL CHAMPS in 2011 and 2016


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        Introducing the 2018 San Francisco 49ers

        Under the leadership of Tracy Borders the 49ers made the playoffs for the first time since 2010 when they lost in the bowl game to the Jaguars.

        An injury hit Matt Leinhart had only started 9 games in the 2015 & 2016 seasons and threw for 8 touchdowns in that time, he started 15 games in 2017 and threw for 25 touchdowns, the total only bettered in his first season with the 49ers in 2013 (26) as the 49ers won the NFC Western division.


        Of course the main man of the team starts at QB, Leinhart's fitness and ability to lead the offense is key to the 49ers' success for 2018. With Zach Gallimore released in pre season Bernand Melvin will back up and 5th round pick out of Northwestern Mike Teel is a project for the Niners.


        Another season of running back by committee, but this time Wilkerson has moved into the backup slot behind Matthew Dundas with Frankie Rosenthal been demoted to third in the depth chart. Rumours abound that the 49ers management are tired of Rosenthal and could be released if a decent replacement can be found in the free agency market.


        The 49ers did not activately persue Walker in the off season and liked the look of Bernie Martinez to start, this looks a good decision as Martinez has more ability when sticking his nose in to make a hole than Walker & backup Dougan looks to have a bright future after been picked up as a rookie free agent signing.

        TIGHT ENDS

        The same three returning TE's from last season, led by Craig Stevens and his leadership is vital to the 49ers receiving corps.


        Receivers have improved since GM Denyer took the reigns, but are still a weak looking unit, Daniels and Britt are the future but Leinhart cries out for a big play receiver which would take some pressure off the lesser receivers and perhaps create more oppotunities in single man coverage for catches.


        Anchored by Leroy Harris, the guards look solid especially with Josh Willis. Tackle is a problem area, right tackle sees Jimmy Meadows return as starter with long term prosect Vinny Garrison backing up. First round pick Eden Britton gets the start at left tackle with TJ Lang another rookie backing up. Could be a make or break decision from the 49ers management and the break could be Leinhart!


        Krumrei had a slight downturn in gross, net average punting and the lowest In20 total since his rookie season.

        Kowal attempted his most fieldgoals in a season but also posted his lowest percentage completion as a pro, still two solid pro's.


        The 49ers strength, Erickson & Jamison in the middle, Williams & Schoeppner on the outside. Bennie Unruh looks a promising backup as does Henderson at DT.


        The worst unit on the 49ers squad last year has gotten better. Mays and Kournikova (project) in at MLB, Wendt and Pote in at strongside linebacker and Clay Lane brought in from the Eagles for a 7th round pick at WLB has improved the unit. Again Sean Brower will direct operations from the middle.


        Management's decision to invest draft picks in cornerbacks has paid off with Jon Swinton now entrenched as starting right corner, Fred Anglin surprised alot of people who thought they could pick on him with 7 interceptions. Swinton and Anglin are backed up with projects Groves and McCain, not ideal and still some work to do on the secondary at CB.
        CC Brown held out but blinked first and then lost his job to FA signing Josh Gattis, Melendez looks solid at FS and is been offered an extension.


        Looking again to win the division but have lost the element of surprise we had last season, try to go one step further in the playoffs as always trying to improve on last season.

        Offensively the key too this is of course Leinhart and the ability of Dundas and Wilkerson too keep defenses honest enough to honour the run.

        Defensively the key is the play of the front 4 and the ball hawking skills of Anglin and Swinton.

        Important to get off to a good start to the season as the first three games are at Candlestick
        2018 : 5-11
        2017 : 11-5 NFC West Divisional Champions
        2016 : 7-9
        2015 : 5-11


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          Re: San Francisco 49ers

          2024 San Francisco 49ers Preview
          written by Red Zone

          San Francisco had to deal with the retirement of QB Matt Leinhart in 2023, and Maurice Greer was brought in from Cincinnati to fill the void. The 49ers went 10-6 and won the NFC West, but lost in the wild card round of the playoffs to Atlanta.

          The 49ers began 2024 by hiring a New Head Coach, Brenden Lazetti, known as an excellent motivator and disciplinarian. Soon after hiring Lazetti, San Francisco decided to send 2nd yr QB Renaldo Sanchez to the Summer League and Traded for QB Gene Zeyen from Baltimore. Is this a sign that the 49ers plan to make a change at QB this season? Its Possible.

          San Francisco also added some veterans to the roster via Free Agency this spring, signing CB Casey Donovan from Houston, LG Spencer Batteux from Detroit and DT Ronald Torrice from Dallas. Torrice is a bit of a gamble since he will still be sidelined for 11 weeks with an injury, but its a gamble that could pay huge dividends if he returns at the level he played at prior to the injury.

          The Draft provided some young talent, CB Trevor Strzelczyk in round 1, RB Ken Silva and WR DJ Dylla in round 2, RT Phillip Hayes and C Danny Riley in round 5, WLB Stanley Giddons in round 6 and FB Ricardo Arndorfer in round 7.

          Looking over the 49ers Roster, RB appears to be in good hands with 8th yr vet Andy Wilkerson, The Offensive Line looks solid once again, The WRs are solid, and the Defense appears to be just as strong as last season, plus they add a first round pick at Cornerback, a Free Agent Corneback, and a potential Stud at DT.

          The other 3 teams in the NFC West all appear to have weaknesses that San Francisco can easily exploit, so its easy to see The 49ers returning to the playoffs this season.

          The 49ers GM has been at the helm of this Franchise since 2016 and has provided steady leadership and assembled a solid roster season after season. 2024 should be no different. San Francisco should once again be a contender in The NFC West. If they can get better production at Quarterback they could contend for the Franchise Bowl.
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          AFC CHAMPS: 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016
          FRANCHISE BOWL CHAMPS in 2011 and 2016