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    Having taken over the franchise in the middle of the 2055 draft, which resulted in the AI drafting a major bust at 1.8, and missing out on FA, this was the first draft under new management. FA has filled major holes, a far cry from last year, in which we were basically filling holes with street FAs. 2056 looks to be a nice look into the future of the rebuilding franchise.

    Lets get to the draft...

    1.18 WR Clayton Andrykovitch 32/48 PTC 35/52 EX2 +3/+4 : Loved his combine, bars didn't match, which is a good thing, coupled with the always good to have, high big play bar. We see a potential Boomer here. Punt returning abilities is an added bonus.

    2.18 CB Raymond Wynn 29/47 - 34/44 +5/-3 : Didn't scout, but nice boomer pairs are present as well as the boomer traits. No combine could go either way, but we like the risk. Another bonus in kick returning abilities.

    3.18 CB Kent Shapiro 15/42 - 18/35 +3/-7: Another potential boomer, though not as great. Great zone and playmaking abilities make this a great addition to a lack luster secondary. ST's abilities added bonus.

    3.19 S Joey Duckworth 22/48 - 26/41 +4/-7: Some boomer traits are present, and combine was a plus. Should be a solid contributor.

    3.28 WR Bernie Hastings 25/47 - 28/42 +3/-5: Slight boomer traits, nice depth option on a terrible WR corp.

    4.18 CB Kirk Hawthorne 22/47 - 24/38 +2/-9: Nice nickle/dime CB with playmaking abilities.

    5.18 LB Quentin Givens 28/44 - 33/48 +5/+4: Looks like a candidate to move to MLB. Decent LB whos not great at any one thing.

    6.1 WR Carlton Zonnefeld 26/39 - 28/38 +2/-1: This was a mistake pick as I was not getting updates on draft and was waiting to pick. I had him on our list, but didn't set a priority, so he got auto'd. really nice big play bar and not much else, gonna be interesting to see what happens to him.

    6.18 QB Miguel Duncan 12/39 - 12/36 0/-3: No combine guy, who looks middle of the road, just a flier, not much else.

    7.18 RB Trey Blanchard 31/42 - 31/36 0/-7: Decent backup type.

    All in all, pretty happy with our off season to date as the team looks much better than just a year ago.

    MLB AJ Shields 15/40 - 18/33 +3/-7
    QB Hayden Cielo 5/34 - 8/34 +3/0
    QB Jeffrey Hutchins 7/32 - 9/28 +2/-4
    DE Cornell Lasica 13/37 - 20/36 +7/-1
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