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  • Vikings 2047 Draft Class

    Rookie Season Review

    Overview: I'm a bit behind on this, but better late than never! This draft class was pretty thin overall, with only 4 draft selections. Only one of the players has really panned out, but he was a solid grab for a third round pick.

    2.26 - Larry Rivers DT (28/32)
    Games Started: 3
    Games Played: 16
    Tackles: 24
    Sacks: 1.5
    Status: Filled in as a serviceable backup this season. He will likely never play a larger role on this team.

    3.32 - Raul Worthley, LB (41/49)
    Games Played: 16
    Games Started: 6
    Tackles: 29
    Sacks: 1
    Status: Worthley held his own as a rookie. He saw some starts and should continue to be a major contributor to the team moving forward.

    5.26 - Avery Huiz, WR (21/30)
    Games Started: 0
    Games Played: 2
    Catches: 2
    Yards: 13
    Status: Huiz saw very little use this season and will likely not make the team next season.

    7.27 - Cornelius Thamilarasan, DT (22/32)
    Games Started: 0
    Games Played: 5
    Tackles: 3
    Status: Saw very little usage this season. He could still develop into an okay backup moving forward.
    NC North Champions: 2057