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  • Vikings 2044 Draft Class

    1.5 - Kevin Johnson, CB
    School: Oregon State
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 195

    His large size and strong grades in Man to Man had Johnson as the top CB on the Vikings draft board and well worth the number 5 overall pick. Look for him to make an impact immediately across from Ivan Chandler.

    Role: Starting RCB

    2.4 - Brandon Scherff, G
    School: Louisville
    Height: 6'8"
    Weight: 340

    While Guard was not a major position of concern heading in to the offseason, losing Maddox Sandhu to the villainous Chicago Bears in free agency drops the Vikings from Good to Average at the position. For Scherff it was simply a matter of him being the best player available at that point in the draft. This first round talent will look to compete with Dan Ogden for the Starting LG position.

    Role: Potential Starting LG

    4.3 - Juan Prescott, T
    School: Georgia
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 324

    Prescott will provide needed depth at the tackle position as well as future security for a 34 year old Reggie Higdon.

    Role: Backup T

    4.6 - Julio Herndon, WR
    School: Gerogia
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 193

    Herndon should add utility to the SE position, where talent is currently lacking (across from star FL Mike Evans). Herndon has the skillset to contribute in 3rd Down situations as a slot receiver and grow to become the starting SE soon.

    Role: Slot Receiver

    4.32 - Moe Stewart, ILB
    School: North Carolina
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 226

    Stewart will likely begin his career as a backup MLB and Special Teams player. His skill set should see him thrive while blitzing the passer or attacking the ball carrier. His pass defense skills need work, but if they can improve then Stewart has a chance to become a starter in a couple of years.

    Role: Backup MLB and Special Teams

    5.2 - Bruce Kornegay, QB
    School: Central Florida
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 217

    The 38 year old Grady Banks has very few years left in him and Minnesota currently has no heir apparent at the position. While the staff was unwilling to move up to snag Winston or Mariotta, they think they may have discovered some raw talent that could shine with a few years of development. Kornegay will need a lot of work to be ready to play at a professional level, but scouts see a potential for Kornegay to be a fairly reliable passer at short, medium, and long distances while also displaying excellent timing on his throws.

    Role: Developmental QB

    6.4 - David Sutter, DE
    School: Iowa State
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 255

    Sutter's play diagnosis will hold him back from competing for a starting position, but his pass rush skills should see him get some work in a reserve capacity this season.

    Role: Backup RDE

    7.7 - Byron Rhodes, QB
    School: Oklahoma
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 211

    Rhodes is another raw talent the coaching staff wanted to bring in and develop. He will compete directly with Kornegay for the starting QB role in the future. While Kornegay shows consistency across all passing depths, Rhodes shows more promise at shorter throws. Kornegay is showing more promise at Timing while Rhodes currently shows more promise at reading a defense. The competition between the two should be tight, but the staff is expecting Kornegay to come out ahead when all is said and done.

    Role: Developmental QB
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    5.5* - J.R. England, RB
    School: New Mexico State
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 215
    Experience: 3 years
    Skill: 45/45

    So, this isn't an actual draft pick, per se, but he was acquired for this year's 5.5 pick and the team skipped drafting a running back as a result. England has the inside track to win the starting RB job over Kendrick Ward this year.

    Role: Starting RB
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      Rookie Import Update

      Kevin Johnson, CB (44/69)
      This rating put him in a position to start immediately at RCB and grow in to an impact player at the position. He is exactly where we are wanting him to be right now!
      Status: Looking Good!

      Brandon Scherff, G (34/57)
      It looks like Ogden has a bit of a leg up on the starting spot this year, but the future looks bright for Scherff at LG
      Status: Future Estimate exceeds expectations.

      Juan Prescott, T (21/46)
      His current rating is a bit lower than hoped, but he should grow in to a serviceable starter at the tackle position.
      Status: Fine.

      Julio Herndon, WR (27/45)
      Herndon is already the third best receiver on the team. That should give him the reps he needs this season to reach his potential, which is solid for a 4th round pick.
      Status: Very Promising.

      Moe Stewart, ILB (31/45)
      Solid numbers for a late 4th round pick. He has the skills to contribute this season but working his way up the depth chart will be tough.
      Status: Solid

      Bruce Kornegay, QB (10/39)
      The low current rating is no surprise at all. The Future Estimate isn't high enough to be a starter, but the player will get some work this Preseason to show off what he can do.
      Status: Developmental

      David Sutter, DE (22/39)
      Should be able to contribute a bit this year and develop in to a solid backup for the team.
      Status: Okay

      Byron Rhodes, QB (6/45)
      Again, the low current rating isn't surprising. The future rating shows some promise, but only time will tell. Look for Rhodes to receive a decent amount of work this offseason.
      Status: Developmental
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        Johnson looks like a stud. Scherff and Stewart look like very solid guys too.


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          Preseason Reveal Update

          Overview: Overall, my rookies are performing extremely well. This entire class could make solid contributions to this team well in to the future. The only exception to this is the QBs, which were known gambles to begin with.

          Kevin Johnson, CB (49/66) [+5/-3]
          A solid gain in current skill while maintaining good upside. He is a sure starter at RCB.
          Status: Looking Good!

          Brandon Scherff, G (38/52) [+4/-5]
          I would have liked his Future Estimate to stay higher, given that he will be a backup this season, but he is still a potential starter in the next year or two.
          Status: Quality backup on track to becoming a starter.

          Juan Prescott, T (28/52) [+7/+6]
          Alright! What a fantastic reveal! This puts him on the level with Scherff and makes our future at OL very promising. Unfortunately, he is going to have to start for us this year as Bradford tooka (-17/-29) nosedive between his rookie year and second season. How does that even happen?
          Status: Great! Though circumstance at the Tackle position are now grim with Bradford's implosion.

          Julio Herndon, WR (31/44) [+4/-1]
          A solid outlook and it looks like Herndon will work his way in to the starting lineup at SE with Greer's age catching up to him a bit.
          Status: Worked his way in to a starting role

          Moe Stewart, ILB (35/48) [+4/+3]
          Great progression here. I expect Stewart to be on the team for a long time. He will be a serviceable backup this year and will have to work hard to crack the starting lineup in the next couple years.
          Status: Fantastic progress and excellent value out of a late 4th round pick.

          Bruce Kornegay, QB (13/34) [+3/-5]
          That drop in future estimate does not bode well for Kornegay's future on this team.
          Status: Developmental with poor outlook.

          David Sutter, DE (26/40) [+4/+1]
          His progress is good and he should be a serviceable backup this year.
          Status: On track

          Byron Rhodes, QB (10/40) [+4/-5]
          Again, the drop in future estimate is concerning, though quick improvement could turn in to something we can work with.
          Status: Developmental with somewhat poor outlook
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            Rookie Season Review

            Overview: My first round pick was a SMASHING success and I got really solid production (55 starts) from my top five picks. I also picked up a promising rookie FS in free agency.

            Kevin Johnson, CB (62/66) [+13/0]
            Games Started: 16
            Interceptions: 13 (New League Record)
            TDs: 1
            Pass Defense Percentage: 85.8%
            Tackles: 55
            Status: Set the league record for interceptions and was a shut down corner all year long. I plan on Johnson locking down his half of the field for the next decade.

            Brandon Scherff, G (44/52) [+6/0]
            Games Started: 2
            Games Played: 16
            Status: Got in some quality reps this season and looks to be on pace to challenge for starter next year

            Juan Prescott, T (39/52) [+11/0]
            Games Started: 16
            Pancakes: 1
            Sacks Allowed: 12
            Status: Forces in to the starting role this year and handled himself relatively well. I would like to see that Sacks Allowed number drop next year. He will continue to be our starter at RT next season.

            Julio Herndon, WR (36/44) [+5/0]
            Games Started: 15
            Games Played: 16
            42 Catches, 539 yards, 2 TDs.
            Status: Solid production for being a 4th round pick. We were the 31st ranked passing offense this year, so I would really like to see passing production increase across the board next year. Herndon should continue to contribute for seasons to come.

            Moe Stewart, ILB (39/48) [+4/0]
            Games Started: 6
            Games Played: 16
            Tackles: 36
            Sacks: 1Ints: 3
            Status: Filled in well when he had the opportunities to do so. Still may be a couple years out from starting full time, but is a fantastic reserve player.

            Bruce Kornegay, QB (13/34) [0/0]

            Kicks Held: 41
            Status: Held the ball on kicking attempts, but saw no action as a QB. We will continue to let him develop this upcoming offseason, but he is unlikely to have much of a future in the FFL.

            David Sutter, DE (26/40) [0/0]
            Games Played: 16
            Tackles: 9
            Status: Filled in mainly on special teams. Should stay on the team in a reserve role next season.

            Byron Rhodes, QB (10/40) [0/0]
            Games Played: 0
            s: We will continue to let him develop this upcoming offseason, but he is unlikely to have much of a future in the FFL.

            Fender Drake, FS (24/36)
            Games Started: 4
            Games Played: 16
            Tackles: 22
            Sacks: 1.5
            Status: Picked up in Free Agency. Filled in well when needed. We will continue to develop him in hopes of turning him in to a full time starter next year.
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              Season 2 Review

              Overview: This group of young players has produced SIX starters, five of which should be starting for the team for a long time. The amount of value and production Minnesota has gained from this class will benefit this team for the next decade. A truly stellar draft class.

              Kevin Johnson, CB (66/66)
              Games Started: 12
              Interceptions: 4
              TDs: 1
              Pass Defense Percentage: 78.1%
              Tackles: 52
              Status: Took a step back statically in season 2. A brief injury and a poorer performing defense as a whole helped contribute to that. Still, Johnson has developed in to a prime CB who should be in Minnesota for years to come.

              Brandon Scherff, G (52/52)
              Games Started: 16
              Pancakes: 4
              Sacks Allowed: 3
              2nd Team All League Guard
              Status: Scherff has developed in to a very solid LG for the team.

              Juan Prescott, T (53/53)
              Games Started: 16
              Pancakes: 3
              Sacks Allowed: 8
              Status: Prescott now has two full seasons worth of starts under his belt and should be starting at RT for years to come. He is progressing in both ratings and on field play. He managed to improve his pass blocking in his second year, which was an area of concern for him his rookie season. All in all, Prescott proved to be great value for a third round pick.

              Julio Herndon, WR (46/46)
              Games Started: 11
              Games Played: 16
              53 Catches, 698 yards, 3 TDs.
              Status: Herndon improved upon his (already impressive) rookie statistics and has solidified himself as the team's starting SE. More great value in this draft from this fourth rounder.

              Moe Stewart, ILB (48/50)
              Games Started: 16
              Tackles: 60
              Sacks: 1
              Ints: 1
              Status: Really developed quickly in to the team's starting SLB. More great 4th round value here.

              Bruce Kornegay, QB (15/35)

              Games Played: 0
              Status: So no action in his second season and is unlikely to make the team in his third.

              David Sutter, DE (31/44)
              Games Played: 16
              Tackles: 9
              Status: Still continuing to develop and should server as the team's primary reserve DE next season. Look for his play-making opportunities to increase in season 3.

              Byron Rhodes, QB (15/42)
              Games Played: 0
              s: Saw no action in his second season, but should make the team as the third string QB for the upcoming season.

              Fender Drake, FS (33/33)
              Games Started: 16
              Tackles: 53
              Ints: 3
              Status: Played fairly well in his second season, despite capping out lower than anticipated on his ratings. His future with the team, especially as a starter, is a bit up in the air. Minnesota's first round selection in the 2046 draft was a S.
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                Season 3 Review. This is the final review I will be doing for this class.

                Overview: This draft class turned out fantastic. Nine picks have produced 5 long-term starters for the team and two solid backup players who are performing at a high level. 8 players are still with the team after three seasons and 7 of them are logging significant playing time.

                Kevin Johnson, CB (65/65)
                Games Started: 14
                Interceptions: 5
                TDs: 0
                Pass Defense Percentage: 82.5%
                Tackles: 59
                Status: Another solid year for Johnson, though he did have to battle through some injuries again this year. He is living up to his status as the #5 pick in the 2044 draft.

                Brandon Scherff, G (52/52)
                Games Started: 8
                Pancakes: 2
                Sacks Allowed: 6
                Status: A serious hamstring injury sidelined Scherff for the second half of the season, but he is still locked in to be a starter at LG for years to come.

                Juan Prescott, T (51/51)
                Games Started: 16
                Pancakes: 7
                Sacks Allowed: 9
                Status: Prescott has started every game of his career and shows no signs of slowing down. He is turning in to a premiere run blocker in the league.

                Julio Herndon, WR (45/45)
                Games Started: 16
                69 Catches, 1020 yards, 7 TDs.
                Status: Herndon broke 1000 yards receiving for the first time in his career. With teams focusing on Evans on the other side of the field, Herndon is taking advantage of extra opportunities and flourishing as a result.

                Moe Stewart, ILB (47/47)
                Games Started: 16
                Tackles: 73
                Sacks: 2
                Ints: 0
                Status: Stewart has started every game for the past two seasons, developing in to a solid starter at SLB.

                Bruce Kornegay, QB (15/35)
                Status: Bruce is no longer with the team

                David Sutter, DE (35/44)
                Games Played: 16
                Games Started: 6
                Tackles: 26
                Sacks: 5
                Status: Sutter worked his way in to the starting lineup for part of the year when Herman Shannon went down with an injury. He took advantage of his opportunities, ranking third place on the team in sacks for the season. The Vikings are loaded at DE, but Sutter could still develop into a starter later in his career.

                Byron Rhodes, QB (21/47)
                Games Played: 0
                s: Rhodes hasn't done anything in the league up to this point, but he is putting in some hard work. His ceiling continues to rise and he could be the team's #2 next season.

                Fender Drake, FS (32/32)
                Games Started: 4
                Games Played: 16
                Tackles: 54
                Ints: 1
                Status: Fender's usage dropped in his third season, a result of the Vikings looking for an upgrade at the position. Drake actually saw more usage as a Nickle and Dime CB, while serving as a backup FS. Despite logging significantly less starts this season, Drake posted the highest number of tackles in his career.
                NC North Champions: 2057