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  • Vikings 2049 Draft Class

    Overview: This draft class is shaping up to be a good one thus far. Every pick provides some value to the team and all eight picks have a strong shot of making the 53 man roster. The first four picks in this draft should all be day one starters, which is fantastic!

    1.15 - Linclon Brandenfeis, RB (38/52)
    I would like to see his future bars a bit higher, but he is shaping up to be a good all around player. He can be a three down back and a great Punt Returner.
    Status: Starting RB and Punt Returner

    2.16 - Carlos Tumbleson, DE (21/41)
    The release of Sedrick Matthews this offseason makes room for Tumbleson to start immediately if he has a good camp and preseason.
    Status: Starting DE

    3.15 - Cary Derosa, DT (40/53)
    Derosa is looking fantastic for a third round pick! He can play both the run and the pass and should start immediately.
    Status: Starting DT

    4.16 - Corwin Boyd, K (32/53)
    Picking up Boyd allowed the Vikings to free up precious cap space by releasing Hawthorne this offseason.
    Status: Starting K

    5.15 - Levi Garrett, WR (19/33)
    The Vikings took two receivers in the fifth round of this draft. There is room for one of them to see some playing time this season. Garret has some work to do if he wants that to be him.
    Status: Fighting for playing time

    5.19 - Jace Rivers, WR (20/36)
    Rivers has the early edge on Garrett, but either receiver can still prove themselves this preseason
    Status: Fighting for playing time

    6.16 Tristan Prather, RB (25/35)
    While he isn't the back that Brandenfeis is, Prather should still make the team in a reserve role.
    Status: Reserve RB

    7.15 Cornell Weaver, DE (19/34)
    Weaver should be a well balanced player, skill wise. If he can develop a bit he can make a solid backup D-lineman. He needs a good camp to make that happen.
    Status: Reserve DE
    NC North Champions: 2057