Front Office Football League File Uplink Tracker
Originally Developed by Kevin Moring
Modified for use in FOF7 by Dan Hooper
Edited for use in the FFL by Red Zone

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Baltimore Ravens:

Arizona Cardinals:

Buffalo Bills:

Atlanta Falcons:

Cincinnati Bengals:

Carolina Panthers:
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Cleveland Browns:

Chicago Bears:

Denver Broncos:

Dallas Cowboys:

Houston Texans:

Detroit Lions:

Indianapolis Colts:

Green Bay Packers:
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Jacksonville Jaguars:

Los Angeles Rams:

Kansas City Chiefs:

Minnesota Vikings:

Los Angeles Chargers:

New Orleans Saints:

Miami Dolphins:

New York Giants:

New England Patriots:

Philadelphia Eagles:

New York Jets:

San Francisco 49ers:

Oakland Raiders:

Seattle Seahawks:

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Tennessee Titans:

Washington Redskins: