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Franchise Football League

Transactions Report

Pre-Staff DraftCoyle, KerryChicago BearsCretired
Pre-Staff DraftWingo, AsherChicago BearsKretired
Pre-Staff DraftManning, TeddyCleveland BrownsKretired
Pre-Staff DraftMariota, MarcusNew York (A) JetsQBretired
Pre-Staff DraftToniolo, KoreyLos Angeles (N) RamsCretired
Pre-Staff DraftLeCroy, NickolasIndianapolis ColtsQBretired
Pre-Staff DraftGrier, ChristopherWashington RedskinsQBretired
Pre-Staff DraftStenstrom, JonahDenver BroncosQBretired
Pre-Staff DraftOcampo, MoeDallas CowboysTEretired
Pre-Staff DraftLandrum, CourtneyPittsburgh SteelersTEretired
Pre-Staff DraftHernandez, B.J.New Orleans SaintsWRretired
Pre-Staff DraftRoth, CharlesBuffalo BillsOLBretired
Pre-Staff DraftCochrane, QuentinNew Orleans SaintsTEretired
Pre-Staff DraftSutter, RoyBuffalo BillsWRretired
Pre-Staff DraftRice, KrisLos Angeles (A) ChargersCretired
Pre-Staff DraftBeyer, GusAtlanta FalconsDEretired
Pre-Staff DraftPeterson, StanLos Angeles (N) RamsOLBretired
Pre-Staff DraftPaddock, SalvadorNew Orleans SaintsOLBretired
Pre-Staff DraftDuffy, ThurmanArizona CardinalsCBretired
Pre-Staff DraftHamilton, EugeneNew Orleans SaintsCBretired
Pre-Staff DraftNavarro, CoryPittsburgh SteelersCBretired
Pre-Staff DraftBradford, MackenziePittsburgh SteelersCBretired
Pre-Staff DraftWilliamson, JoeCincinnati BengalsFBretired
Pre-Staff DraftWhite, HarryPhiladelphia EaglesFBretired
Pre-Staff DraftGrossreider, ConradArizona CardinalsWRretired
Pre-Staff DraftFreedman, MalikChicago BearsSretired under doctor's advice
Pre-Staff DraftLaBrosse, DevanNew Orleans SaintsWRretired
Pre-Staff DraftGardner, RobDetroit LionsWRretired
Pre-Staff DraftColeman, CoreyCleveland BrownsWRretired
Pre-Staff DraftNeel, MauriceCleveland BrownsTretired
Pre-Staff DraftBrayshaw, CesarSeattle SeahawksSretired
Pre-Staff DraftBarnard, DannyBuffalo BillsCretired
Pre-Staff DraftButler, AlexAtlanta FalconsOLBretired
Pre-Staff DraftCrane, LevonCleveland BrownsSretired
Pre-Staff DraftClancy, KennedyArizona CardinalsCBretired
Pre-Staff DraftIckes, RaymondChicago BearsCBretired
Pre-Staff DraftBartell, RondellLos Angeles (A) ChargersGretired
Pre-Staff DraftDavis, DarylMiami DolphinsGretired
Pre-Staff DraftFoster, K.C.Minnesota Vikings---retired as offensive coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftEngland, RussellKansas City Chiefs---retired as strength coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftCollier, DeionBaltimore Ravens---re-signed as offensive coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftStephenson, DanaBaltimore Ravens---re-signed as defensive coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftHoppe, ReggieBuffalo Bills---re-signed as head coach
Pre-Staff DraftHess, TyrusCarolina PanthersTEplaced on injured reserve
Pre-Staff DraftFlowers, DominiqueCarolina PanthersCBreleased
Pre-Staff DraftBarber, NealCarolina PanthersILBreleased
Pre-Staff DraftGlover, TommyCincinnati Bengals---re-signed as defensive coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftDalton, AndyCincinnati Bengals---re-signed as assistant coach
Pre-Staff DraftWhalen, RyanDallas Cowboys---re-signed as head coach
Pre-Staff DraftFox, WillDallas Cowboys---re-signed as defensive coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftWilliams, GaryGreen Bay Packers---re-signed as assistant coach
Pre-Staff DraftEifert, TylerJacksonville Jaguars---re-signed as offensive coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftKnoll, TaylorJacksonville Jaguars---re-signed as strength coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftColes, DamonMinnesota VikingsWRreleased
Pre-Staff DraftDeane, BillMinnesota VikingsGreleased
Pre-Staff DraftOwen, RichNew York (A) Jets---re-signed as offensive coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftForeman, NickNew York (A) Jets---re-signed as assistant coach
Pre-Staff DraftYoung, TitusOakland Raiders---re-signed as head coach
Pre-Staff DraftKerr, DeonOakland Raiders---re-signed as offensive coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftJefferson, RickeyOakland Raiders---re-signed as assistant coach
Pre-Staff DraftSummers, IrvingOakland Raiders---re-signed as strength coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftBoone, BroderickPittsburgh Steelers---re-signed as strength coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftHall, CrisLos Angeles (A) ChargersRBreleased
Pre-Staff DraftMaloney, BrodyLos Angeles (A) ChargersDEreleased
Pre-Staff DraftLane, ChristianLos Angeles (A) ChargersDTreleased
Pre-Staff DraftMayes, GavinLos Angeles (A) ChargersSreleased
Pre-Staff DraftEaster, Billy JoeTampa Bay Buccaneers---re-signed as head coach
Pre-Staff DraftPallansch, ChandlerTampa Bay Buccaneers---re-signed as strength coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftSchwantz, RyanCleveland Browns---re-signed as assistant coach
Pre-Staff DraftAndruzzi, DonaldHouston Texans---re-signed as offensive coordinator
Pre-Staff DraftWilliams, BrandonHouston Texans---re-signed as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftAckerman, PatLos Angeles (N) Rams---hired as head coach
Staff DraftEllis, KenrickLos Angeles (N) Rams---fired as head coach
Staff DraftEllis, KenrickSeattle Seahawks---hired as head coach
Staff DraftVieane, RussellSeattle Seahawks---fired as head coach
Staff DraftMcCarthy, IrvPittsburgh Steelers---hired as head coach
Staff DraftBittner, RodPittsburgh Steelers---fired as head coach
Staff DraftJames, WalterKansas City Chiefs---hired as head coach
Staff DraftPeyton, BobbyKansas City Chiefs---fired as head coach
Staff DraftVieane, RussellPhiladelphia Eagles---hired as head coach
Staff DraftMead, MercuryPhiladelphia Eagles---fired as head coach
Staff DraftHuntley, BobDallas Cowboys---hired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftBrackens, HaroldDallas Cowboys---fired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftPeyton, BobbyLos Angeles (N) Rams---hired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftPlageman, RexLos Angeles (N) Rams---fired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftGreen, TyrusCincinnati Bengals---hired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftTormenti, JonCincinnati Bengals---fired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftBrackens, HaroldMinnesota Vikings---hired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftBittner, RodPhiladelphia Eagles---hired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftGarcia, GustavoPhiladelphia Eagles---fired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftDurham, KennyBuffalo Bills---hired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftColloran, JeffreyBuffalo Bills---fired as offensive coordinator
Staff DraftHarris, TomLos Angeles (N) Rams---hired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftClayton, RicardoLos Angeles (N) Rams---fired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftClayton, RicardoSeattle Seahawks---hired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftSawyer, MorrisSeattle Seahawks---fired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftFisk, RicoPittsburgh Steelers---hired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftRogan, DamonKansas City Chiefs---hired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftSawyer, MorrisPhiladelphia Eagles---hired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftChristy, ClayPhiladelphia Eagles---fired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftMcWilliams, ErnestBuffalo Bills---hired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftRash, BradBuffalo Bills---fired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftRash, BradWashington Redskins---hired as defensive coordinator
Staff DraftTormenti, JonLos Angeles (N) Rams---hired as assistant coach
Staff DraftPlageman, RexMiami Dolphins---hired as assistant coach
Staff DraftGarcia, GustavoDetroit Lions---hired as assistant coach
Staff DraftFredrickson, TevinDetroit Lions---fired as assistant coach
Staff DraftZessin, IrvingBuffalo Bills---hired as assistant coach
Staff DraftLeger, TevinBuffalo Bills---fired as assistant coach
Staff DraftLeger, TevinTennessee Titans---hired as assistant coach
Staff DraftSamuels, AmosArizona Cardinals---hired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftReese, ShaunLos Angeles (N) Rams---hired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftBrewer, EarlSeattle Seahawks---hired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftDunlap, DanaSeattle Seahawks---fired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftDunlap, DanaChicago Bears---hired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftMcQuaig, JuanKansas City Chiefs---hired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftBoone, BuckyPhiladelphia Eagles---hired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftHoover, CarltonPhiladelphia Eagles---fired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftHoover, CarltonHouston Texans---hired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftLane, ToddBaltimore Ravens---hired as strength coordinator
Staff DraftKemp, GlenArizona CardinalsDTchanged primary position to RDT
Staff DraftFrenzel, ElijahAtlanta FalconsDTchanged primary position to LDT
Staff DraftDraft, PeterAtlanta FalconsOLBchanged primary position to WLB
Staff DraftDeppe, T.J.Chicago BearsDTchanged primary position to LDT

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