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Franchise Football League

Injury Report

Arizona CardinalsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Andrew SammonsTorn Patellar TendonOut30 Weeks
Fernando BakerStrained Elbow TendonProbable3 Weeks
Atlanta FalconsInjuryStatusExpected Return
No Injured Players
Baltimore RavensInjuryStatusExpected Return
Hugh MunizNone100%
Buffalo BillsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Terrence JohnstoneConcussionOut (in concussion protocol)1 Week
Carolina PanthersInjuryStatusExpected Return
No Injured Players
Chicago BearsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Julian EisenbraunStrained Elbow TendonProbable1 Week
Donnell WarrenBroken RibsProbable1 Week
Alejandro EvansConcussionOut (in concussion protocol)1 Week
Henry MartelNone100%
Cincinnati BengalsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Samuel DiazDislocated ShoulderProbable1 Week
Cleveland BrownsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Gregory ChandlerKnee TendinitisProbable2 Weeks
Dustin EdmundsAbdominal StrainProbable1 Week
Perry WhitleyNone100%
Dallas CowboysInjuryStatusExpected Return
Raul SchwartzElbow Ligament SurgeryOut17 Weeks
Denver BroncosInjuryStatusExpected Return
Louis JohnsonACL Damage to the KneeOut20 Weeks
Detroit LionsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Nicolas KwanNone100%
Moe MinnickNone100%
Green Bay PackersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Kerry FinchRepetitive Concussion SyndromeOut131 Weeks
Bucky SimmonsBruised RibcageProbable2 Weeks
Houston TexansInjuryStatusExpected Return
No Injured Players
Indianapolis ColtsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Ronald CarelloNone100%
Jacksonville JaguarsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Matthew LiedtkeConcussionOut (in concussion protocol)8 Weeks
Malcolm AmaralSprained NeckProbable1 Week
Kansas City ChiefsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Darren ChryplewiczKnee TendinitisProbable2 Weeks
Jorge HubingerViral InfectionQuestionable2 Weeks
Los Angeles (A) ChargersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Kendall GriebStrained Triceps MuscleQuestionable3 Weeks
Cary TennysonElbow ContusionProbable1 Week
Dominique McWilliamsNone100%
Los Angeles (N) RamsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Brent BrowningStrained HamstringQuestionableUnknown
Quentin GivensBad ColdProbable1 Week
Miami DolphinsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Theodore BurkeStrained HamstringQuestionableUnknown
Scottie GreenleeShoulder SurgeryOut21 Weeks
Samuel LevensonSprained Lateral Knee LigamentProbable1 Week
Minnesota VikingsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Bruce WitteNone100%
J.R. AustinNone100%
New England PatriotsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Daquan AnthonyNone100%
New Orleans SaintsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Zachary FrederickTorn Knee CartilageDoubtful3 Weeks
New York (A) JetsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Ken StephensonSprained KneeProbable1 Week
Dominic HutchinsKnee TendinitisProbable1 Week
New York (N) GiantsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Korey JamisonAnkle SurgeryOut12 Weeks
Oakland RaidersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Tristan ZulegerRuptured Achilles TendonOut23 Weeks
Philadelphia EaglesInjuryStatusExpected Return
Aaron PaolettiSevere Hamstring PullOut12 Weeks
Pittsburgh SteelersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Roy TurnerMCL Knee SurgeryOut9 Weeks
Desmond ColburnTorn Ankle LigamentQuestionable7 Weeks
Reggie HarperConcussionOut (in concussion protocol)5 Weeks
Ty KearnsNone100%
San Francisco 49ersInjuryStatusExpected Return
No Injured Players
Seattle SeahawksInjuryStatusExpected Return
Andres ComptonBruised RibcageProbable1 Week
Tampa Bay BuccaneersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Zack DavisRepetitive Concussion SyndromeOut108 Weeks
Craig KinchenElbow Ligament SurgeryOut14 Weeks
Cary CothranSevere Hamstring PullOut8 Weeks
Terrell BaileyHyperextended ElbowQuestionable2 Weeks
Chris ChisholmHerniated DiskProbable1 Week
Zane McNeilNone100%
Tennessee TitansInjuryStatusExpected Return
Casey BookerTurf ToeDoubtfulUnknown
Brendan DavidsonTorn Deltoid MuscleOut27 Weeks
Washington RedskinsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Jacob NylanderRuptured Achilles TendonOut11 Weeks
Frederick BarnesTonsilitisOut1 Week
Blake GentryNone100%

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