Week 5, 2058

played in Cleveland, OH

62 degrees, fair, 6 mph wind

Pittsburgh Steelers77311-28
Cleveland Browns1410146-44

Scoring Summary
1Q: 12:27 CLE - Gregory Chandler 59 pass from Evan Mardling (Britt Edmunds extra point)
1Q: 04:48 CLE - Justin Gatewood 1 pass from Evan Mardling (Britt Edmunds extra point)
1Q: 00:58 PIT - Mario Moore 22 pass from Ty Kearns (Francisco Howland extra point)
2Q: 10:47 CLE - Britt Edmunds 18 field goal
2Q: 08:04 CLE - Winston Everett 58 punt return (Britt Edmunds extra point)
2Q: 00:30 PIT - Rondell Green 6 pass from Ty Kearns (Francisco Howland extra point)
3Q: 09:53 PIT - Francisco Howland 32 field goal
3Q: 08:07 CLE - Evan Mardling 57 run (Britt Edmunds extra point)
3Q: 02:40 CLE - Justin Gatewood 8 run (Britt Edmunds extra point)
4Q: 13:41 PIT - Francisco Howland 44 field goal
4Q: 05:55 CLE - Justin Gatewood 4 run (Britt Edmunds extra point failed)
4Q: 04:04 PIT - Van Moreau 47 pass from Ed Terry (Ed Terry pass to Will Fuller for conversion)

Team StatisticsPITCLE
First Downs2116
- by Rushing35
- by Passing1510
- by Penalty31
Total Net Yards350362
- Offensive Plays7851
- Yards per Play4.497.10
Net Rushing Yards44126
- Rushing Attempts1919
- Yards per Rush2.326.63
Net Passing Yards306236
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt52 - 32 - 031 - 20 - 0
- Gross Passing Yards355243
- Sacks/Yards Lost7/491/7
- Yards per Pass Play5.197.38
3rd Down Conversions8/194/10
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down9.58.7
4th Down Conversions0/20/0
Punt Returns/Yards3/504/103
Kick Returns/Yards4/845/134
Interception Ret./Yards0/00/0
2pt Conversions1/10/0
Red Zone Visits34
- Red Zone TDs/FGs2/13/1
Avg. Drive StartOWN 28OWN 36
Time of Possession34:4225:18

Drive Charts

Pittsburgh Steelers
115:001:57OWN 253-7Punt
112:104:28OWN 20625Punt
14:413:57OWN 42758Touchdown
210:402:43OWN 12614Punt
27:574:11OWN 1068Punt
23:152:52OWN 10890Touchdown
312:441:36OWN 36516Punt
311:081:20OPP 2237Field Goal
37:592:20OWN 832Punt
32:313:57OWN 251048Field Goal
412:351:26OPP 303-4Punt
48:560:45OWN 1345Downs
45:472:00OWN 29471Touchdown
42:252:25OWN 241027Downs
Cleveland Browns
113:030:53OWN 45255Touchdown
17:423:01OWN 20780Touchdown
10:445:04OWN 321067Field Goal
23:460:31OWN 3830Punt
20:230:23OWN 3623Half
315:002:16OWN 343-4Punt
39:481:49OWN 35365Touchdown
35:393:08OPP 43643Touchdown
413:340:59OWN 2534Punt
411:092:13OWN 20518Punt
48:112:24OPP 18418Touchdown
43:471:22OWN 1739Punt

Game MVP: Evan Mardling, Cleveland Browns

Rushing Statistics

RB Bart Shepard9273.001320
RB Luis Morris5-1-0.20700
RB Albert Timpson3103.33600
WR Will Fuller144.00400
QB Ty Kearns144.00400
RB Justin Gatewood11555.001822
RB Quinn Lynn7142.00400
QB Evan Mardling15757.005711

Passing Statistics

Ty Kearns42262746/37249096.7
Ed Terry106811/121470119.2
Evan Mardling31202431/72590110.0

Receiving Statistics

WR Mario Moore8911614.5041491
TE Van Moreau5126613.2024471
WR Will Fuller464110.2515200
WR Rondell Green444411.0019221
RB Luis Morris355317.6743300
TE Clyde Goodstriker24115.50080
WR Shannon Walters24189.0012130
RB Bart Shepard2421.00040
FB Archie Burkhammer1211.00010
RB Albert Timpson1133.00130
WR Dusty Blackwell0100.00000
WR Lee Riffle91010511.6739370
WR Gregory Chandler498120.2564591
RB Justin Gatewood2231.50221
TE Carlos Patterson14-3-3.000-30
FB Axel Webster111212.007120
WR Nick Villa112929.0028290
WR O.J. Carr121414.000140
WR Gus Angelone1122.00120
RB Quinn Lynn0100.00000

Interception Statistics


Fumble Statistics

QB Ty Kearns1100
WR Rondell Green0100
G Carl Burge0010
CB Winston Everett1000
OLB Nicky Washington0010

Punting Statistics

Everett Weber730643.727.0621
Rod Flowers523647.237.2532

Kicking Statistics

Francisco Howland2/21/10/0442/2
Britt Edmunds1/10/00/0185/6

Punt Return Statistics

Dusty Blackwell35016.70
Winston Everett410325.81

Kick Return Statistics

Luis Morris24422.00
Greg Musselman24020.00
Gregory Chandler513426.80

Defensive Statistics

CB Dale D'Elisa500.51832
S Darius Ogletree420.01932
S Amir Dodge410.01730
ILB Marc Edwards400.01826
DT Ken Pritchett310.51929
DT Max Perkins320.01832
OLB Darrell Lindsay300.0119
OLB Roy Turner230.01926
CB Eli Apple220.01829
DE Deon Goodspeed200.01328
S Alejandro Farmer200.042
OLB Reuben Eli100.075
OLB Nicky Washington723.01959
OLB Brenden Fuller620.01958
CB Zack Johannsen500.01850
DT Kyle Patterson411.5533
DE Teddy Gitler420.51959
ILB Wally Nogas420.01843
S Glen Webb410.01843
CB Dean Wittich400.01855
CB Winston Everett400.01432
S Rickey Shelton310.01958
ILB Dustin Edmunds300.0630
DE Bo Harless202.0115
DT Shaun Piotte210.01426
DE Jonathan Gunn110.01844
OLB Justics Vance100.019
ILB Bubba Dittoe100.006
S Clarence Kenney010.0118
CB Gerald Laxton010.019

Pass Rush Statistics

DT Ken Pritchett0.501029
CB Dale D'Elisa0.500032
OLB Roy Turner0.002026
DE Max Thelwell0.001128
DT Jeremiah Olsen0.00103
OLB Nicky Washington3.001159
DE Bo Harless2.001015
DT Kyle Patterson1.510033
DE Teddy Gitler0.512059

Pass Defense Statistics

S Amir Dodge41030
CB Dale D'Elisa41032
OLB Roy Turner30026
ILB Marc Edwards21026
S Darius Ogletree20032
DE Deon Goodspeed20028
CB Eli Apple10029
DT Ken Pritchett10029
S Alejandro Farmer1002
OLB Justics Barasch0106
CB Scottie Clinton01023
CB Zack Johannsen40050
CB Winston Everett40032
OLB Brenden Fuller40058
S Glen Webb32043
ILB Wally Nogas30043
ILB Dustin Edmunds21030
DE Teddy Gitler21059
S Rickey Shelton21058
CB Dean Wittich20055
ILB Bubba Dittoe2006
S Clarence Kenney13018
DE Jonathan Gunn10044
OLB Nicky Washington10059
OLB Justics Vance1009

Blocking Statistics

G Jalen Dishman23019359
T Deion Gambone15119159
T Hugh Hollins13019359
TE Van Moreau11016049
C Gene Arnold04019059
G Carl Burge02019059
G Kelvin Mueller25019032
C Max Tuerk14019032
T Kent Phillips12019132
G Kenyon Russell03019032
TE Jameson Cassell020905
T Hardy Gliniak02019032

Special Teams Tackles

Carl Burge315
Rondell Green228
Shannon Walters27
Alfredo Sanders118
Quinn Lynn420
Carson O'Neill127
Wally Nogas122
Donnie Kuczowski119


PittsburghRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
G Carl Burge1959------1593
T Deion Gambone1959------987
G Jalen Dishman1959------987
T Hugh Hollins1959------987
C Gene Arnold1959---------78
QB Ty Kearns1948---------67
WR Shannon Walters1544------766
TE Van Moreau1649---------65
WR Will Fuller1548---------63
RB Luis Morris640------854
WR Rondell Green719------2854
DE Max Thelwell------1928653
S Darius Ogletree------1932152
DT Max Perkins------1832151
CB Dale D'Elisa------1832151
S Amir Dodge------1730249
DT Ken Pritchett------1929149
CB Eli Apple------1829148
OLB Roy Turner------1926146
ILB Marc Edwards------1826145
CB Scottie Clinton------8231344
TE Clyde Goodstriker735------143
DE Deon Goodspeed------1328142
WR Mario Moore1225---------37
FB Archie Burkhammer312------2136
OLB Justics Barasch------062632
RB Albert Timpson34------2330
TE Malachi Lynch01------2728
RB Bart Shepard1014---------24
S Alfredo Sanders------051823
WR Dusty Blackwell14------1823
OLB Darrell Lindsay------119121
CB Greg Musselman------011920
ILB Corey Clayton------061319
OLB Reuben Eli------75---12
QB Ed Terry011---------11
P Everett Weber00------99
C J.J. Trunsky00------99
K Francisco Howland00------88
G Desmond Colburn00------77
S Alejandro Farmer------42---6
DT Marc Raney------1056
DT Jeremiah Olsen------03---3
DE Ian Bullock------00---0
C Scottie Davidson00---------0
T Zach Coffey00---------0
ClevelandRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
OLB Nicky Washington------19591088
ILB Wally Nogas------18432283
CB Dean Wittich------18551083
DE Teddy Gitler------1959280
S Rickey Shelton------1958279
OLB Brenden Fuller------1958279
CB Zack Johannsen------1850270
CB Winston Everett------14322066
DE Jonathan Gunn------1844264
S Glen Webb------1843263
G Kelvin Mueller1932------657
T Hardy Gliniak1932------657
T Kent Phillips1932------657
WR Gregory Chandler1127------1452
C Max Tuerk1932---------51
QB Evan Mardling1932---------51
G Kenyon Russell1932---------51
WR Lee Riffle1632---------48
TE Carlos Patterson1628---------44
WR O.J. Carr1226------644
DT Shaun Piotte------1426---40
DT Kyle Patterson------533240
ILB Dustin Edmunds------630238
RB Justin Gatewood1224---------36
RB Quinn Lynn77------2034
FB Axel Webster55------2232
TE Carson O'Neill30------2730
OLB Leo Morton------022527
WR Nick Villa03------2225
S Perry Whitley------002121
S Clarence Kenney------118---19
RB Donnie Kuczowski00------1919
ILB Bubba Dittoe------061319
CB Gerald Laxton------19717
DE Bo Harless------115---16
TE Jameson Cassell95---------14
OLB Justics Vance------19---10
K Britt Edmunds00------99
WR Gus Angelone43---------7
C Cory Copeland00------66
G Terrance Stuart00------66
P Rod Flowers00------55
QB Pedro Burchfield00------11
DE Casey Dole------00---0
RB Ezra Martinez00---------0
C Arturo Cerasani00---------0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

Ty Kearns42265328210
Ed Terry1061010200
Evan Mardling31204105510

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)2011864.3
Medium (9-18 Yds)149775.5
Long (19+ Yds)529619.2
Short (0-8 Yds)118908.2
Medium (9-18 Yds)73456.4
Long (19+ Yds)313712.3

Detailed Receiving Statistics

TE Van Moreau125066149
WR Mario Moore981116225
WR Will Fuller64041148
RB Luis Morris53053140
TE Clyde Goodstriker42011035
WR Shannon Walters42018044
WR Rondell Green44044119
RB Bart Shepard4212014
FB Archie Burkhammer2111012
RB Albert Timpson110304
WR Dusty Blackwell100004
WR Lee Riffle1090105232
WR Gregory Chandler94081127
TE Carlos Patterson410-3028
WR O.J. Carr21014026
RB Justin Gatewood2203024
RB Quinn Lynn100007
FB Axel Webster1101205
WR Nick Villa1102913
WR Gus Angelone110203

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

PittsburghAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
RB Bart Shepard100.003.00
ClevelandAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
RB Justin Gatewood4287.005.00
RB Quinn Lynn133.002.00

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

PittsburghAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Ty Kearns43246.006.52
ClevelandAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Evan Mardling5361.207.84

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

PittsburghTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
RB Luis Morris2152.5010.60
WR Rondell Green22199.5011.00
ClevelandTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Lee Riffle2184.0010.50
TE Carlos Patterson11-3-3.00-0.75
WR Gregory Chandler1000.009.00
RB Justin Gatewood1111.001.50

Third Down Rushing Statistics

QB Evan Mardling11
RB Justin Gatewood10

Third Down Passing Statistics

Ty Kearns15118
Ed Terry110
Evan Mardling843

Third Down Receiving Statistics

WR Will Fuller422
TE Van Moreau321
WR Rondell Green332
WR Mario Moore222
TE Clyde Goodstriker210
RB Luis Morris110
WR Shannon Walters111
WR Gregory Chandler311
TE Carlos Patterson200
WR Lee Riffle221
FB Axel Webster111

Stadium89,400 (89,400 capacity)
Upper Deck26,600 (26,600)
End Zone19,200 (19,200)
Mezzanine11,100 (11,100)
Sideline Seats17,000 (17,000)
Club Seats8,600 (8,600)
Luxury Boxes6,900 (6,900)