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Thread: How to evaluate a Trade Offer

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    How to evaluate a Trade Offer

    I have always thought that some people are better at Trading than others for one simple reason...they do their homework.
    Recently I made a Trade with King Kosar and I was impressed with the research he did before accepting my last counter offer.
    While he was evaluating the trade, King Kosar went to look at the FFL processed Trades Forum
    Why is this important?
    I would imagine he went to see a couple things
    1) what did I pay for Brandon when I traded for him?
    2) what was being paid for other top QBs in other Trades? very smart

    when you make a trade, you want to make a good deal for your team and you should know what the market is for players you are trading...or trading for...its just a smart way to operate your team.

    We have the entire History of this league on these forums
    That kind of information should be used more often

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    I expect Arizona to come in with an entire chapter of tips.
    "The problem with life is that we have to live it from the beginning, but it makes sense only when seen from the end." - M. Kaplan in Chances are.

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    I usually trade for "something" or send my players for "something" looking production, adjustement to my system of play, more important posibility to find a similar player in an upcoming Draft and my probably position in the Draft... In my last important trade for Example.

    Received: TE Darrell Frederick + 6.5 + 7.27

    Sent: TE Tyler Eiffert + 1.19 + 3rd Round in 2041 (Actually 6-1 Record an a potential Divisional Round Game 3.26)

    What do you think about that trade??

    Well my opinion is a win/win trade, Eiffert was productive for Arizona last year starting 13 of 13 games and had his best Average / Target of his career, increased this year. and they selected with the pick a monster Dominique Easley 49/80 under my scout a future Defensive Standout... Canīt understand why the Inactive players of Arizona are Inactives but is your team man. And he will have an aditional late 3rd round to take a great role position player or even a good starter with some of luck and a good scouting.

    For San Diego the 7th round Pick was wasted in an OLB who didnīt made the 53 man Roster, with the 6th Round Pick we probably will have a decent Dime CB or a back-up Safety in both positions I will try next pre-season.
    And what about Darrell Frederick? What can I say? He is the last piece of our offensive arsenal with Carr, Burnett, Gaines and Melsha the D# never now who cover and Mallett is playing his Better football since his days in Denver, but now is 14th Year Old-guy with a poor 44/44 ratio under my scout. But he have the Pocket Skills that I need in a QB for my system. Just take a look in how the relation TD / INT changed since Frederick arrived to San Diego, and now he is projected to his first season in his career for nearly 4.000 passing yards and has his best rating since 2031... The next important question to give up a medium 1st and a low 3rd is his Ey-I-can-block-for-your-star-RB-and-protect-your-old-grandpa, over 64% in his opportunities to open holes in both seasons with us and ANY Sack allowed yet. Carr named MVP again 5 Years after and 2 Pro-Bowls consecutive (Just the time that our excellent TE arrived...) The question was a TE like Frederick in the last Draft with the 1.19 pick? Well let me see...

    * The first TE in this Draft fall until the 2.3 Eric Ebron for Kansas City, a 2nd Round Fiasco with actually a 15/15 (Volatility hit) rated under my scout.
    * The next TE Amaro (The best pass-catching TE of the Draft) by Dolphins on 2.20 (Great Pick), but probably will finish in the 60s with medium RR range who will avoid a lot targets to him.

    ANY TIGHT END IN THIS DRAFT IS LIKE HIM, and with Carr starting the twilight of his career and Mallett loosing strength in his arm... It was a no brainer decision by my part. He was my selection in this Draft but with only 3 Years of experience he is just starting to produce big numbers and will make my team competitive surrounded with Melsha, Gaines and Burnett meanwhile my new QB and RB starts to grow in the next off-season.
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