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Thread: Running the Ball in FOF7

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    Running the Ball in FOF7

    I only have 2 games to base any of this on so far...but...
    we ran 36 times for130 yards in a 41-21 win vs Tampa Bay
    we ran 32 times for 104 yards in a 28-7 win vs San Francisco

    seems to me...even though we arent getting a great ypc average, running more often is making us run...better
    by better, i mean, we control the clock more and keep our defense off the field more

    I also wonder if the off coordinator sees that we have an untested QB and leans more on the running game.
    This would explain why teams with stud QBs run less often.

    I dont know if this kid Tanner is the answer at QB for me or not.
    Truthfully I expected to draft one with one of the picks i got for Brandon and just let Tanner play this season...but so far, he looks like he might be ok in a run oriented attack.

    BTW...thanks Sharky
    Seattle: Single-Back formation, strength is right. The defense is in a 43 with dime personnel and 2-deep man-to-man coverage, keying aggressively on the pass.
    2-11-SFO32 (2Q: 03:20) Donnie Johnson ran around the left tackle for 32 yards and a TOUCHDOWN! Key block delivered by Kelvin Lane. Seattle 20, San Francisco 0
    i think center Kelvin Lane has made a big difference too
    even though he may not be here next season
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    You should keep him, mate... I hope he wouldnīt drop and you can have your Center the next season too.

    He opened hundreds of doors for Carr and it is a hughe diference when you are ahead or tight in the score, and when you are behind you simply donīt need to worry too much about the above average Defensive Tackles of the league

    In the last two games without him Carr numbers dropped dangerously, and his replacement only made 2 of 7 blocks... I hope it rebounds through the play-offs...

    At the end I think the most important thing like in the real NFL (Hi Dolphins, Hi Bucs) is the Offensive Line...

    You are welcome!!
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    Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum somehow. That being said, we have a crappy offensive line and look at our results. In RDFL I have an awesome pair of OTs along with great skill players and we won the championship this year. I had those same skill players for many years but floundered. With the improved O-line and the conversion to FOF7 we were drastically better.
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    Well the biggest difference b/w my 10 win team last year & my 10 loss (so far) team this year is the effectiveness of my run game.

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