From Now On...Please...Post ALL Trades Like this
If they are Posted any other way, I will reply that they need edited before I will process them
This is a small request...please make a note of it

Seattle sends
2040 SEA 1st
2041 SEA 1st
QB Kelly Brandon

Arizona sends
2040 ARI 1st
2041 ARI 2nd
RB Eddie Lacy

This way I can easily trace a trade later if there are any questions
It will also force you to look IN THE GAME to make sure what Picks you have and what Picks you can Trade


I just spent about an hour checking every Draft Pick in the Utility against what the game shows
and then checking to see where the picks that are incorrect might have been traded from to verify that they ought to be moved.

this is a quote from a trade Post
I can not trace this trade because I do not have enough Info

Quote Originally Posted by slimmikey View Post
Arizona sends
LB O'Donnell
Dallas sends
6th rd pick this year
3rd rd pick next year
Im not Picking on Mikey, he just makes the most Trades so his posts are easy to find

My Point is...this year and next year dont help me
they may be fine when the trade is posted but down the road I cant trace the exact year

with the Utility being as Buggy as it is...I need to be able to trace the picks quicker and easier