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Thread: How to make sure you do NOT get AI'd

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    How to make sure you do NOT get AI'd

    Having your team get AI'd can drive you crazy. Once that happens you cant be sure of anything imo.
    Was your GP used? What did the depth chart end up like? Was the playing time the same?
    Ive heard a lot of opinions on this, but im not sure anyone can say for sure...exactly what happens

    So here is what I do...and I rarely have ever had any problems getting AI'd
    Ive played this game since August of 2005 and ill bet you i have been AI'd maybe...twice...ever

    1st) make sure you have 46 players active

    2nd) make sure to check the Position Distribution tab at the bottom of the "view rosters" screen
    Having 46 active doesnt do you any good if it isnt the "right 46"... if you dont have enough at a certain still get AI'd
    This is a common mistake...people think because they have 46 active they are fine but end up getting AI'd because they are still short at a certain position group

    3rd) make sure if you made offers to FAs you left spots for them because they come onto your team as "active" and will change your team from 46 to ?? Example: If you are making an offer to 2 FAs, then leave 44 active and they will become the 45th and 46th players.
    Of course, if you dont end up getting the FAs you bid on, this can leave you at 44 and also cause you to get AI'd.
    One way around this is to sign a FA and then release a player using the "would you like to make this release conditional on the signing of the last player to whom you offered a contract?" if you do that you can avoid being AI'd no matter what. Just leave 2 players active and not in your depth chart anywhere and they either stay or get replaced by the FAs and either way you do not get AI'd
    You Can also send the Commish a PM with instructions
    I made an offer to a SS, if he signs please put him into my depth chart at SS2, if he doesnt sign please activate SS "smith" and put him in at SS2.
    Or....I made a trade for WR "Jones" can you put him in at Flanker2...i left that spot open for him

    4th) Players you get in Trades come onto the roster with the same status they had on their old team. If they were active before the trade they will be active on the new team too, and if they were inactive they will come onto the new teams roster inactive.
    If you Trade a player away, make sure he isnt one of your 46 actives, or you will drop to 45...and get AI'd.
    If you Trade FOR a player, make sure he is inactive on the old teams roster, or if he is active for the old team, leave 45 active so he becomes the 46th active player.
    Note: Trades made after the games wont affect your team at all since the sim has already run before the trade

    This thread is locked because it is an information thread
    Discussion can be done in the FFL Discussion Forum
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