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Thread: 2035 AFC East Season Preview

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    2035 AFC East Season Preview

    Most Seasons this Division comes down to The Patriots or The Jets, but 2035 may be a little different
    Miami has started off 4-0 while New York and New England have both lost a game
    One game wont win or lose the Division, but its a sign that Miami could be a contender this season instead of a pretender.
    Here's how I see this Division shaping up

    New England
    Its hard to pick against the defending FFL Champs, seeing as how they have pretty much the same team all returning from last season, aside from WR Rodney Lyons. zbuck runs a tight ship, builds rosters dripping with affinities and gameplans with the best of them.
    QB Jimmie Matock and WR Casey Greer will lead a high scoring offense, while CBs Jimmy Smith and Kris Schwantes make it very difficult to throw on the Patriots. New England is annually among the top teams in special teams coverage, points scored and among the lowest in points allowed. They are tough to beat.

    Dawgfan is slamming his golf clubs as he reads this, but I think maybe Phil Moran is getting close to the end.
    Thats going to spell trouble for the Jets, as Miami climbs into 2nd place.
    tab has slowly constructed a roster that is very formidable
    The last Piece was almost an accident, but when he traded for QB Emmitt Dayoc Miami became a serious Playoff contender
    WRs Henry Hume and Ray Gellings make Miami an explosive passing team, while RB Shaun Webb is 3rd in the League in rushing and averaging over 6 yards per carry. CBs Morris Claiborne and Stephon Gilmore lead The Dolphins secondary and make passing against Miami a difficult task. if The Dolphins can avoid Injuries they should finish 2nd

    New York Jets
    If by chance, I am wrong and Phil Moran goes on a tear down the is conceivable that the Jets could finish 2nd, or even 1st.
    The AFC east has had 3 playoff teams before, so it wouldnt be a shock if that happened again in 2035
    The Jets have young RB LeRoy Russell and a pretty strong Offensive Line, but the Wrs arent quite as explosive as NE or MIA
    Moran has been the man in the passing game, relying on play action to make big plays for the Jets
    Defensively The Jets can linbe up with just about any team. They are strong at every position, so if they make a run this season the defense could be a key part of it.

    Buffalo Bills
    I love MARV's loyalty to Phillip Rotzell
    can anyone remember who Buffalo's QB was before he got there?
    Sorry MARV, but its time to sit him down
    Nobody can play forever and he is hurting the team now
    The Bills are actually a pretty young team at most positions
    Stud WR Roosevelt Bailey and WLB Carlton McAddley are the 2 flashiest players, but Buffalo's Oline may be the strength of the team
    A good PAV GP with Ryan Mallett at the controls...and Buffalo might surprise a lot of teams

    From Inside the Huddle....Im John Clayton
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Clayton View Post
    Dawgfan is slamming his golf clubs as he reads this, but I think maybe Phil Moran is getting close to the end.
    Thanks for the analysis. And you know me too well....I always slam my golf clubs!!!

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