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Thread: Giants walk down memory lane

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    Giants walk down memory lane

    FFL was my first football league.
    Whenever I get frustrated trying to figure out why my top draft pick tanks after week 2..
    I look through the Giants history.

    The current year is 2062.
    I remember drafting RJ Prior in 2041. RJ was a panic pick as I was still reading the manual and interpreting scouting reports. Fascinated with the mock draft who said I need a CB..I followed what the game stated and drafted RJ who started every game (156) for the Giants.

    I remember my first draft going solo.. Studying the draft board. I had the top pick and selected Chuck Monroe DT. Traded down because I didn't think Rex Konruff would amount to much. I remember Red Zone yelling NO.. Never take a defensive lineman 1st..
    That has stuck with me every since.. Especially when Chuck hurt his back and only lasted 6 years. That was 2042...

    Big break came when I drafted Frank Garrett with the 3rd pick of the 2043 draft. Garrett ended up the all time leading receiver in Giants history. 62 games with at least 100 yards receiving. 6 time all league.

    2044 - Kevin White.Swiss army knife.. Not only was a good receiver.. excellent return man. Kickoffs and punt returns.. Recently passed by Allen Parrella my 2052 safety. Most importantly..

    First time making the playoffs... String of playoff visits was 15 straight.

    2045 - Nicholaus Dresselhaus.. Reminded me of Dick Butkus.. Made every tackle and MLB.. All time team leader in tackles with over 1000.. Was plug and play and worth every cent. Remember being annoyed when Buffalo out bid me for his services..

    2046 - Rueben Humphrey RB - Ended up starting 84 games.. ended up number 4 on the teams list for rushing yards. My Jerry Jones side see the top 3 as guys I didn't draft. Even more importantly was able to sign Jayden Flora as my QB. In 4 years his QBR was over 100.. Heartbroken when he left to go to Washingon.

    2047 - Cody Kamnik - RT - I remember i kept hold of him because I drafted him and felt for sure he would turn out great. Was on a roll back then. He did end up starting for 5 years or the 10 total.

    2048 - Henry Hunter - TE - Hunter was great.. Number 4 on the all time Giants list in catches with over 500.. 2 time all league. With White, Garret and Hunter so many weapons to work with.

    2049 - Norm Siddiqui - CB -- I don't remember him, and unfortunately neither did the record books..Actually did play 96 games.. Just don't remember him

    2050 - Levon Crane - CB - Needed a replacement for Kevin White as a return man and Crane was rated highly. Never reached the levels I had hoped.. Moved on after 4 years.

    2051 - Dalton Huston - DE - Could not resist drafting Dalton. Dalton was one of the top lineman in the draft and the top positions players were all off the board. Huston, went on to become the team's all-time sack leader.

    2052 - Allen Parella S - Hard hitting safety who doubled as my return man. played every game as a Giant..

    2053 to current history is still being written.

    Ranger's all time draft team

    QB -
    RB - Reuben Humphrey (2046)
    RB - Heath Fleming (2057)
    WR - Frank Garret (2043)
    WR - Kevin White (2044)
    TE - Henry Hunter (2048)
    OT - Grady Rodgers (2049)
    OT - Cedric Browning (2052)
    OG - Angel Newhart (2051)
    OG - Donovan Smith (2044)
    C - Keith Pintsak (2054)

    DE - Dalton Huston 2051)
    DT - Chuck Monroe (2042)
    DT -
    MLB - Nicholaus Dresselhaus - (2045)
    OLB - Chris Collier - (2053)
    OLB - Byron Hutchins (2053)
    CB - RJ Prior (2041)
    CB - Levi Hernandez (2057)
    SS - Allen Leahy (2054)
    FS - Allen Parella (2052)

    Chris Collier reminds me he may be one of my best linebackers I have ever drafted. Also realize I have never drafted a good QB or tackle..

    Looking forward to making history.

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    Very interesting

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    Good stuff.

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    This is great...and not just because I got a shout out in it
    We need more of every league
    I know people are invested in their teams.....write about it...please
    Thanks Ranger

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    64-39 ..... 61-35 Reg Season 3-4 in Playoffs
    AFC North Division Champs 2060, 2061, 2063

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