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    Did the Chargers unknowingly find their future QB in the 6th round?
    Three games into the 2060 regular season Los Angeles Chargers star quarterback Luis Vandeginste has yet to take his first snap from center. An injured knee in the third week of the preseason left him and the Chargers reeling. Without the services of their MVP quarterback and two very inexperienced backups; the Chargers front office explored acquiring a stop-gap signal caller to get by until week four when the doctors believed Vandeginste could return. When a reasonable deal could not be reached; the Chargers leadership made the decision to roll-the-dice with one of their own. The question was which one do you go into battle with as your starter?
    Six year pro and former Titans backup Kristopher Poole presented a safe choice for the Chargers brass; however, Poole looked less than impressive in the preseason. He did have experience on his side. The next choice was rookie Leslie Lewis; the Chargers sixth round draft choice this year. Lewis had a decent college career as full-time starter his senior year at Texas- El Paso but, lacked the all important experience.
    As week one approached, the Chargers decided to anoint Lewis the starting job. The following three weeks have been a wild ride to say the least. Expectations were set very low and the Charger leadership was essentially willing to concede a 0-3 start to the season. When the team and Lewis started out with a surprising 2-0 start the team felt lucky. The consistent play of their rookie QB; however, tells a different story. He may actually be good. After a tough two point loss to the Jets, (arguable the best team in the league) the Charger leadership is faced with another tough decision. His play and corresponding stat-line was good, again!
    Do the Chargers start the aging veteran that has lead them for the past nine seasons or let the rookie who is playing way above his '12/33' overall rating continue to show his potential hidden skill. Charger leadership has a big decision to make in the hours leading up to their match up with the Steelers next week.
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