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Thread: Bighouse's Baltimore Ravens

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    Bighouse's Baltimore Ravens

    OK saving this thread for some draft classes and may be a little banter on the roster. Looks look at this team quickly

    QB-Brady Rodriguez Gives us a ginslinger that will throw picks. Not my ideal fit but we figure 30-40 Avoid AI. We have no backups and nothing grooming here.

    RB-Santiago is a nice looking every down back and Barnard is a nice number two but both are old.
    FB-none on the roster

    TE-Cabrera(geez spanish roster going on here) Looks like a bonified stud TE
    WR-Schroeder,Delgado,Caldwell give a really nice 3 guy rotation and all three look good.

    C-Claycomb JR is a good Cin only year 6
    G Wallenstine, Copeland, and Peterson are all more then servicable
    T Boyd is a nice looking RT but we have a 2nd year not impressive Agrela at LT which is a glaring need atm

    P-Garciapara is a good looking punter
    K-Hammond has a leg but is not my cup of tea. We will be on a kicker search

    DE-4 guys really average and interchangable and unimpressive-Von Weiss/Schreiber/Kuffrey all need upgrades.
    DT-Winslett is a nice starter could move outside Lindsey is a really pretty passs rushing DT

    MLB-Melnik looks like a beast for his career but 8th year he is aging and Fairley his backup looks servicable
    SLB-Poole looks like another good one in year 8 again but may move him to MLB while Gore is just roster fodder
    WLB-Grier and Strickland are just ok but can play decently. Nothing exciting.

    CB-Sweeney looks like a good one slightly underachiever
    CB-Bard looks like another servicable CB not my ideal love of a CB but can play
    No real other Cb talent here to speak of

    S Mueller outplays his ratings and great hands i like this kid Steel will throw picks to him
    S Parker and Foreman are slightly less skilled but also have good hands.

    Overall this roster has a decent look to them-
    -11 in the turnover ratio is completely brutal and will not happen or i will cute everyone next year.

    Baltimore is the losingest franchise in history 343-518-3
    17 wins behind the next team
    under .400 win percentage ouch
    7 playoff appearances with the next closest being 11
    2-7 in the playoffs and are 1 of 7 teams never to make a bowl appearance.

    Cleveland-Mandling played out of his mind last year with not much offense around him. Gatewood and Riffle are a really good 1,2 punch and the secondary looks really solid.

    Cinci-Mason Jarvis is elite but year 12 and so many all pros on a team here RB Thornton, WR Lockard(Could be a FA), C Coffey(Could be a free agent), RT Taylor Decker, k Snelling, DE FLowers, DE Emmons, CB Dennis, S McMillen wow really loaded team.

    Pittsburgh-Kearns is promising at QB but raw still, Morris runs for 1500 yards a season, no elite ER but a good Defensive front.

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    OK so we had no 1st or 6th round pick but this team was not in a dire need to get excellent as we have some really good talented young kids.

    Here is who we picked up-

    #82 Louie Donaldson - WR
    Selected by Baltimore, pick 2 - 19 (51)
    Date of Birth: 2035-08-12
    School: Oregon State
    Height: 5' 11" (Below Average)
    Weight: 191 lbs. (Way Below Average)
    Experience: R
    Solecismic Score: 22
    40 Time: 4.44
    Bench Reps: 10
    Agility: 7.06
    Broad Jump: 8' 6"
    Position Drill: 43
    Grade: 5.20
    Adjusted Grade: 5.20
    Developed: 38
    We really wanted to take a look at S Deion Curtis who went a few picks earlier to San Fran and we also looked at Walt Montgomery the QB who went to San Diego. We already have a slew of WRs that are pretty good. This kid is a speedster with BP ability. We most likely keep him on the pine as teh 3/4 WR but looking to move him into a #2 or slot role for us in the future. It is always hard to turn down a decent BP WR with big bars even if his endurance is lower then hopeful.
    Pre TC Ratings-34/52 Really a little better then we thought 64 BP 14/26 End and he looked like 10 at best lol
    Post TC-+1/-6 to 35/46 hate that drop for sure. He slides into the slot WR spot.

    #8 Renaldo Wolfe - T
    Selected by Baltimore, pick 3 - 18 (82)
    Date of Birth: 2034-09-11
    School: Oregon
    Height: 6' 4" (Below Average)
    Weight: 304 lbs. (Below Average)
    Experience: R
    Solecismic Score: 26
    40 Time: 5.12
    Bench Reps: 30
    Agility: 7.61
    Broad Jump: 8' 1"
    Grade: 6.40
    Adjusted Grade: 6.40
    Developed: 52
    He was the top rated LT in the draft. We think he should be good starter material for us. We were also eyeing San Fran's Van Pelt and LA's Center McGee. He is a great run blocker and so-so pass blocker. We plan on platooning him as the 3rd T for LT and RT this year.
    Pre TC Ratings-28/49 You do not get all hot and heavy over an OT ever but this kid looks ok
    POst Pre2-0/-10 to 28/39 Ouch this is ugly

    #227 Tyrone Bronson - ILB
    Selected by Baltimore, pick 4 - 20 (116)
    Date of Birth: 2035-04-21
    School: Washington
    Height: 6' 0" (Below Average)
    Weight: 237 lbs. (Below Average)
    Experience: R
    Solecismic Score: 16
    40 Time: 4.73
    Bench Reps: 28
    Agility: 7.63
    Broad Jump: 9' 0"
    Position Drill: 35
    Grade: 4.50
    Adjusted Grade: 4.50
    Developed: 43
    We eyed this kid quite early on. I hope he can gain some weight but if he cannot he will be a good linebacker that can rush the passer. If i had to pick a spot this team is lacking it is for sure the pass rush. We will plan on putting him into some linebacker packages to get at the passer. As we went into the draft getting the edge was probably one of the things i wanted to upgrade with depth.
    Pre TC ratings-24/42 Low end 11/13 but actually looks better on the roster so far for us
    POst Pre 2-+5/+2 to 29/44 Looks somewhat promising linebacker for us.

    #346 Quentin Crane - OLB
    Selected by Baltimore, pick 5 - 19 (147)
    Date of Birth: 2036-04-10
    School: Indiana
    Height: 5' 10" (Way Below Average)
    Weight: 243 lbs. (Average)
    Experience: R
    Solecismic Score: 33
    Position Drill: 32
    Grade: 4.10
    Adjusted Grade: 4.10
    Developed: 41
    OK we pulled him a little early but this non combine kid has the best pair of pass rushing bars of all the backers in the draft. We scouted him and loved him. I figured i had to pull the trigger here to jump on the bandwagon. Ideally a little small 5'10 243 and low endurance but we will throw him in the mix at LB and in pass rush schemes.
    Pre TC Ratings-24/42 83 PRS and up to 96 PRT crap yes this pick looks too good atm
    Post Pre 2- 0/-6 to 24/36 I loev his pass rush bars!

    #175 Roosevelt Horton - CB
    Selected by Baltimore, pick 7 - 20 (212)
    Date of Birth: 2036-03-22
    School: Hastings
    Height: 5' 10" (Below Average)
    Weight: 188 lbs. (Below Average)
    Experience: R
    Solecismic Score: 26
    40 Time: 4.48
    Bench Reps: 10
    Agility: 7.21
    Broad Jump: 9' 7"
    Position Drill: 41
    Grade: 4.70
    Adjusted Grade: 4.70
    Developed: 43
    Why did we draft this kid? he has over the average combines, no 0 bars, a good static bar, St ability, and return skills. If ANY of that pans out he should be good fit for us.
    Pre TC Ratings-20/41 Looks like a decent backup with ST and return skills
    Post Pre 2-+3/0 to 24/41 Looks the same and makes the roster
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    Updated Pre TC ratings

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    Nice Work
    Dolphins from 2058 to present

    Cowboys from 2052-2056; Record 53-27. Playoffs 4-2
    Bowl winners 2055, NFC East Champs 2054,55,56

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefatcat View Post
    Nice Work
    We will see if the WR turns out. I grabbed two good pass rushers for a 3-4 and i run a 4-3.....for now....

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