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    TFL Openings

    TFL currently has 4 openings. Roll call is underway, so an ideal time to join our little group.

    Game generated rookie classes, but we rename the players - you get to re-live recent NFL history (current season is 2013). If you love offense, this is a great league for you. We have 21 QBs with future ratings 60 or greater (14 QBs 70 or greater).

    New York Jets (13-3) - Loaded team, QB Roethlisberger, WRs Steve Smith Sr., Steve Breaston and Victor Cruz. 8 60+ rated defensive stars.

    New York Giants (7-9) - QB Jay Cutler and rookie Andrew Luck. You would have immediate trade capital with 2 quality QBs.

    Denver Broncos (5-11) - A bit of a rebuild, but Denver has some star power (WRs Marques Colston and Julio Jones). Prior GM did a great job of cleaning up a team in cap hell.

    Tennessee Oilers (6-10) - Live in a football universe where Blaine Gabbert is a really good QB!!!

    PM me here for a quick entrance into the league.
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