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Thread: Annual Scouting Combine

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    Annual Scouting Combine

    Annual Scouting Combine

    Every year, all players are tested in the combine events. Front Office Football does this because you don’t have actual tape to watch, as real professional coaches have.

    Along with scouted player ratings and statistics, combine numbers are a primary tool for evaluating players.

    Combine results correlate to the player ratings. This is not an exact relationship, but it is a strong one. When comparing players to each other using combine numbers, the comparisons are much more valid within a position group. Note that some skills are reflected in more than one test.

    The following tests are given to players in Front Office Football:

    The 40-Yard Dash.

    • Quarterbacks - their desire and ability to run the ball.
    • Backs - breakaway speed and speed in getting to the outside.
    • Receivers - their big-play ability and their pass-catching ability.
    • Offensive Linemen - their run-blocking ability.
    • Punters - their punt distance.
    • Kickers - their kickoff distance.
    • Defensive Front - their pass rush technique.
    • Defensive Backs - zone defense and man-to-man defense.

    The Solecismic Intelligence Test.

    • All Players - relates to their intelligence.
    • Quarterbacks - avoid interceptions, read defenses and sense the rush.
    • Backs - their ability to find an open hole in the defense and their route-running ability.
    • Receivers - their route-running ability and ability to adjust to a bad throw.
    • Punters - their ability to put the ball inside the 20.
    • Kickers - their field-goal accuracy.
    • Defensive Players - diagnosing the offense.

    The Bench Press.

    • Quarterbacks - throwing long and deep passes.
    • Backs - their power on inside runs and their third-down running.
    • Tight Ends - their blocking strength.
    • Wide Receivers - their courage over the middle.
    • Offensive Linemen - their pass-blocking strength.
    • Punters - their ability to keep a punt from being returned.
    • Kickers - touchback ability and field-goal distance.
    • Defensive Front - pass rush strength and hard hitting.
    • Defensive Backs - bump-and-run defense and hard hitting.

    The Agility Drill (sometimes known as a cone drill).

    • Quarterbacks - throwing short passes and screens.
    • Backs - their elusiveness, their pass-catching ability and third-down running.
    • Receivers - their pass-catching ability.
    • Offensive Linemen - their pass-blocking technique.
    • Defensive Players - their run defense and their bump-and-run defense.

    The Broad Jump.

    • Quarterbacks - throwing medium-distance passes and their two-minute offense.
    • Running Backs - their third-down running ability and their endurance.
    • Fullbacks - their third-down running ability and their run blocking.
    • Tight Ends - their third-down receiving and run blocking abilities.
    • Wide Receivers - their punt return and kick return abilities.
    • Offensive Linemen - their endurance.
    • Kickers - their field-goal distance.
    • Defensive Linemen - their endurance.
    • Linebackers - bump-and-run defense and man-to-man defense.
    • Defensive Backs - their punt return and kick return abilities.

    A Position-Specific Drill.

    • Quarterbacks - their throwing accuracy and timing.
    • Backs - their blitz-pickup ability and their route-running skill.
    • Receivers - their ability to catch what's thrown in their direction and adjust to a bad throw.
    • Linebackers - zone defense and intercepting skills.
    • Defensive Backs - zone defense and intercepting skills.

    Not all positions have a position-specific drill and not all tests are meaningful for every position.

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    Thanks for doing this

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    Very interesting post, Higgs44. The good old tape trumps all, but this is pretty good too.

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