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    Part of this Info was from a Post Arizing made; Thanks Arizing

    Career Record: 352-492-4 (.417) in the Regular Season; 6-15 (.285) in the Playoffs

    Number of Division Titles: 9
    Number of Playoff Appearances 15
    Number of Conference Championships: 0
    Number of Franchise Bowl Championships: 0

    History of GMs:
    Brian (bottle2k) (2004-2011) (55-72-1); (1-1) in Playoffs
    fjvieane (2012-2018) (53-43); (2-4) in the Playoffs
    2018 - 2054 (unknown) (233-356-3) (3-10) in the Playoffs
    Ezlee (2055) (4-12)
    AI control (2056) (7-9)
    Red Zone (2057 - Present) (0-0)

    2004: 6-10 (4th)
    2005: 8-8 (T-3rd)
    2006: 7-8-1 (3rd)
    2007: 12-4 (AFC West Champs) Won DIV vs DEN, lost in AFC Championship to PIT (9 to 24)
    2008: 8-8 (T-2nd)
    2009: 4-12 (4th)
    2010: 7-9 (3rd)
    2011: 3-13 (4th)
    2012: 10-6 (AFC West Champs) lost in WildCard Round to CIN (27 to 31)
    2013: 11-5 (AFC West Champs) Won WC vs DEN, Won DIV vs Jest, lost in AFC Championship to CIN (15 to 23)
    2014: 6-10 (3rd)
    2015: 12-4 (AFC West Champs) lost in Divisional Round to TEN (17 to 19)
    2016: 9-7 (AFC West Champs) lost in WildCard Round to NED (0 to 34)
    2017: 5-11 (4th)
    2018: 3-12-1 (4th)
    2019: 2-14 (4th)
    2020: 8-8 (3rd)
    2021: 3-13 (4th)
    2022: 6-10 (4th)
    2023: 6-10 (4th)
    2024: 3-13 (4th)
    2025: 6-10 (4th)
    2026: 5-10-1 (4th)
    2027: 3-13 (4th)
    2028: 6-10 (4th)
    2029: 8-8 (3rd)
    2030: 3-13 (4th)
    2031: 6-10 (4th)
    2032: 8-7-1 (2nd) Won WC vs KC, Lost DIV to Jets
    2033: 5-11 (3rd)
    2034: 8-8 (3rd)
    2035: 7-9 (AFC West Champs) Lost in WC to HOU
    2036: 3-13 (4th)
    2037: 8-8 (2nd)
    2038: 5-11 (4th)
    2039: 12-4 (AFC West Champs) Lost in DIV to JAX
    2040: 10-6 (2nd) Lost WC to JAX
    2041: 11-5 (2nd won WC vs PIT, lost DIV to Jets
    2042: 8-8 (3rd)lost WC to CLEV
    2043: 12-4 (AFC West Champs) Won in DIV vs CLEV, Lost in Conf Champ to Jets
    2044: 5-11 (4th)
    2045: 11-5 (2nd) Lost WC to JAX
    2046: 6-10 (3rd)
    2047: 8-8 (2nd) Lost WC to TEN
    2048: 10-6 (AFC West Champs) Lost WC to CIN
    2049: 8-8 (3rd)
    2050: 6-10 (4th)
    2051: 1-15 (4th)
    2052: 0-16 (4th)
    2053: 6-10 (3rd)
    2054: 7-9 (4th)
    2055: 4-12 (4th)
    2056: 7-9 (3rd)
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    After their last GM hiring blew up in their faces when Trader Rob left after one season, The Raiders decided to take a calmer approach this time. No Brash predictions of Glory, just a solid work ethic and a commitment to excellence that matches the Raiders mantra. Red Zone has been brought in to Restore order to The Raider Nation. It wasn't easy to lure Red Zone away from his job as Asst GM in New England, he enjoyed working with Zeb Buckley and was helping to build a strong Patriots team. In Oakland, Red Zone has complete control of the team.
    One of the First Things that was Addressed was the Coaching Staff. HC Titus Young, OC Deon Kerr, DC Louie Shaw, Asst Coach Rickey Jefferson and Strength Coach Irving Summers will all be retained. "Making Changes just to make changes doesn't make any sense" said Red Zone, "These are all top notch Coaches and I have no problem admitting that Trader Rob assembled a Great Coaching staff...and we will keep them".
    The Roster may be a different story with 2 veterans set to become Free Agents and only 1 Franchise tag available. Will it be WR Brian Cavka or DE Brent Browning? There will also be a plan submitted for a Stadium Renovation, with the ongoing rumors about a Move to Las Vegas still swirling in the Media. Will the fans approve a renovation?

    As the FFL Playoffs finish up and a Champion for 2056 is Crowned, Red Zone and The Raiders sit waiting for 2057. Armed with the 12th pick in the Draft and a fair amount of cap room there is optimism that the team could turn around quicker than expected from 2056's 7-9 record.
    Some of the Bright spots include QB Kendall Maxwell, RB Junior Malio, WR Efrain Ackerman, Guards DeAndre Galloway and Marcus Malone and RT Willie Rathbone on Offense. The Defense is what needs to be addressed, with a lot of what Red Zone called "pluggers" and FS Jessie Gallardo the only real standout other than DE Browning who is a FA.

    Things WILL get better and we WILL be competitive
    It just may take a little time

    Just Win Baby


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    As the FFL Bowl gets closer and a new Champion is about to be crowned, Rumors out of Oakland suggest that a roster purge is imminent. GM Red Zone and HC Titus Young have evaluated the Raider Players who have contracts that are about to expire. Only a handful will even receive an offer to return. Most will be released as of Thursday, prior to the Bowl Game. There is speculation that others will soon follow, once the new season starts and there are less cap ramifications. It appears that Red Zone has examined the early Trade market and decided to concentrate on the draft and Free Agency to rebuild the team. It is still unclear whether The Raiders will use their Franchise tag on DE Brent Browning, or WR Brian Cavka. Rather Than tie up money on a Franchise player who might or might not be resigned, it's also a possibility that Oakland might not use the tag at all. "It seems odd that No one would want to have exclusive negotiating rights to one of these guys rather than bid on them in Free Agency, but...we'll see what happens" said Red Zone "I believe I have made it clear that we aren't asking a ton for either one in a Trade, but we have to know which one to tag, and so far the phone isn't ringing."
    Would the Raiders really let both players hit Free Agency and not use their Franchise tag at all this season?
    "That is a question that can't be answered yet" according to Red Zone "We'll see what our options are and make a decision when the time comes."
    Asked about Rumors of a Move to Las Vegas, Red Zone had little to say "I can't comment on that, but it's getting close to decision time for The Raiders, and for the city of Oakland."
    We shouldn't have to wait long to find out, This Season's Proposals to move to a different City are due in the League Office by Monday Afternoon at 4 PM EST. Will Oakland put up the Money to Renovate the Coliseum? or will Red Zone be the guy who moves them to Las Vegas?

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    Watching The Chargers, A Division Rival, Win the FFL Bowl kept fans distracted this week while Red Zone met with Officials from The Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. Coverage from the Press was very light and the hope was that an agreement could be reached on renovations to the Stadium quickly and quietly. After spending a week in meetings, Red Zone abruptly cancelled Friday morning's meeting and Flew to Las Vegas Friday afternoon. It isn't clear what that means exactly, but if you read between the lines it sure looks like Oakland will be moving to "The Desert". This doesn't appear to be Red Zone's first choice. A self Proclaimed "old School" guy, Renovating Oakland's Stadium and staying there was most likely his preference. However, at the end of the day the combination of poor turf, dwindling attendance and not enough Luxury Boxes seems like too much for the team to continue dealing with. With Las Vegas willing to build a brand new Stadium with 399 boxes, the only way Oakland was going to be able to keep the Raiders was to agree to renovate Oakland Alameda County Coliseum.

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    Well, the Old School in Red Zone came out today as it was revealed that The Raiders submitted a plan to the League Office to renovate Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, rather than move the team to Las Vegas as previously reported. "I don't want to be the guy that Moves The Raiders out of Oakland" said Red Zone " I will if I have to, but we haven't reached a point where we have to...yet. Let's see what the Voters say to this referendum in the upcoming elections, its on the Ballot."

    Red Zone also spent Monday working a deal for Jacksonville TE Daryl Tatangelo, giving up a 3rd this season and a 2nd in 2058. Then on Wednesday night, the Blockbuster was announced. Patriots GM zbuckley was open to dealing WR Alexis Beckham to clear some cap and add another 1st Round Pick. Beckham was the centerpiece of The Patriots Offense last season while Red Zone was coaching them. 324 targets, 202 receptions for 2108 yards and 18 TD catches. It took 16 minutes for the trade to be completed.

    There are still holes to fill, and there are less picks to work with, but the Raiders should be able to score points in bunches. QB Kendall Maxwell will have plenty of Weapons to work with. DE Brent Browning was Franchised, so there will be some speed coming off the edge in the Raiders Pass Rush. RB Diego Hill and C Dexter Pence were released as the team starts to evaluate Free Agency.

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    Lots of Moves this week
    DE Brent Browning was released when the Raiders weren't able to sign him to a long term contract that fit under the cap. DE Lance Campbell and DT Sam Shockey were signed as FAs. Kicker Lance Jamison was released when his demands for an extension exceeded the value the Raiders placed on his weak kickoffs. LG DeAndre Galloway was dealt to Dallas for RG Alec Burke. LT Skip Nordland and MLB Mitch Bridges were signed as FAs, filling two large holes and making LT Curtis West expendable.
    Pick 2.14 has been discussed in trade talks with at least 3 teams but so far no deal has been made.

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