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Thread: Cowboys - Lone Star news!

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    Cowboys - Lone Star news!

    As the NFC East Divisional Champions the Dallas Cowboys move into free agency they have some big decisions to make, notably around what they do with the QB Position. 9th year Darren Hillman is in a contract year after being franchised by the organisation and the Cowboys need to decide whether they stay with the 9th year vet or move on to pastures new. Hillman has had four years in Dallas with the last two being exceptional, throwing for over 8000 yards, 58 tds and just 23 picks with QB ratings of 85 and 94, not bad considering in 2053 he played behind a dreadful OL and last year behind a decent but developing OL.

    News coming out of the Franchise suggest they have inquired about the Raiders Maxwell Kendall but were a little shocked at the asking price, another rumour is they are likely to make a big run at ex Seahawks QB Mason Jarvis via free agency. But with Hillman playing so well and knowing the Cowboys system they may stay with him, but with ex Chargers and Dolphins Offensive Coordinator taking over in Dallas as the offensive play caller he may decide a new system needs to be put in place and perhaps a new QB.

    Free agency looks good this year with a lot of talent available, Head Coach Whalen has plenty of cap room to play with especially if they release or trade one or two players as expected, emphasis will likely be on defense with the secondary needing some help. Another position the Cowboys may look at is defensive end and edge pass rusher to go with the outstanding Sergio Chandler who managed 17.5 sacks last year.

    There will be more news to come from Dallas as we move through the off-season.

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    The Cowboys are pretty pleased with their Free Agency efforts this year. We’d have been even more pleased if we had landed QB Jarvis Mason but the money he wanted ($60m a year) would have ruined our cap management policy and probably meant a stud or two would have had to leave, so after initial conversations with his agent the Cowboys looked elsewhere.

    We also had agreed in principle a trade for Raiders QB Kendall Maxwell contrary to stories coming out of Oakland, the deal rested on Jarvis Mason going to the Raiders but the deal fell through. Why did the fall through, well head Coach Whalen said that Maxwell has nearly a 1-1 TD to Interception ratio, Hillman our QB has a 2-1 TD to pick ratio, Hillman has been the 4th highest rated QB for the last two seasons as well and finally Maxwell was asking for silly money in comparison to his performance. We also save 4 or more very high picks and get the better QB based on the last few years statistics. So Hillman remains our quarterback and the man to hopefully lead to a bowl, will that be the right decision I guess only time will tell!

    On to who we did pick up in free agency, after a frustrating early few rounds we finished off nicely picking up some key players.

    Our HB Connell was getting on in age and taking up a lot of cap room so we decided to trade him to Jaguars and go with a 2 back system. Getting Robert Dillon (Patriot) was huge, only 46 rated but look at those running bars, wow and cheap as well. FA’s Baxter (Titans) and Collazo (Patriots) will help him take the load.

    In Dallas we like to pass the ball and we added veteran stud Derrick Sjostrom (Bengals) who will be excellent in our west coast passing attack, we now have two great pass catching tight ends and a very solid third in Ivan King meaning we can use 2 tight end sets for passing which will be key especially in the red zone where height is obviously very important.

    Renaldo Jefferson (57 rated) the 9 year vet adds to the secondary and the ex Patriot will move to safety, he’ll be a short term fix but he adds a lot of quality. We missed out on a couple of other DB targets but in the end we’re happy with what we did especially after drafting Virginia Tech’s Ernie Jarvis at 1.24

    Lastly we picked up WR Scottie Perry (Cardinals) and he will be our slot receiver replacing Brant Huntley who we released. We also picked up LB’s Antoine Brady (Jaguars) and Seth Rudoff (Giants).

    In summary we are very happy with Free Agency, we had some cap issues going into the off season, we have moved some aging vets taking up a lot of cap room and added some key players to the roster but more importantly we added depth. Obviously it looks great on paper but until we see how they perform in the tough NFC East judgement will out on them.

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    For all you Cowboys and Cowgirls out there, there will be a report on the players we drafted after pre-season 2. At the moment we're hoping the first impressions of Yellow Jackets DE Reggie Harper and Hokies CB Ernie Jarvis is a bit better than originally thought. Never the less we are happy with the off season so far and feel we are in good shape to defend our NFC East title.

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    Curious to see how the two midgets turn out.

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    I think they prefer to be called little people.

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    Or Hobbits?

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