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Thread: 4-3 DT question

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    4-3 DT question

    I have a question on the DT positions in the 4-3.

    Should the 3tech be the "UT" position and the 1tech the "NT" position? Also, should the 1T be designated as the left DT or LDT and the 3T be the RDT? Or does LDT/RDT designation not matter?

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    It depends on what kind of 4-3 you are running. It's essentially flipped for a 4-3 Under and a 4-3 Over. I would check this doc for more info:

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    I run an 4-3 under.

    I read that but it doesn't say if UT or NT is the 1T or 3T. Based on where it lines up next to the LDE and RDE, I think the UT is the 3T aka the RDT based on the info below

    Left Defensive Tackle (T): Lines up in the 1-technique to the strong side of the center, and is responsiblefor the A-gap on the strong side. Since there are four linemen and the 1-technique tackle is alwaysheaded into this gap, he should be a little smaller and more athletic than a true nose tackle.Right Defensive Tackle (T): Lines up in the 3-technique to the outside of the left guard, and is responsiblefor the B-gap on the weak side. The 3-technique tackle in a 43 can be a little smaller and more athleticthan most tackles and may actually generate considerable quarterback pressure.

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    Disregard... I wasn't understanding your question.

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