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Thread: Creating a Playbook

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    Creating a Playbook

    Creating a playbook/game planning is something I have yet to delve into deeply. However, I am hoping to change that this season. Are there any guides you know of online on how to do this effectively? Or do y'all have any tips? things I should know? Or how I get started? Anything is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I would assume there are posts on FOFC about it. I'm sure some people here can chime in too.

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    Breck, I have been looking, I'll share if I find anything. I have the same need.

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    I've general used this approach to creating playbooks.

    1. Let Rex create the base playbook.

    2. Unless I have a mobile QB, remove most QB runs (perhaps leave a couple LM/RM QB sneaks).

    3. If I want to target a specific player (WR, TE, etc.), modify a few plays to make that position the primary target.

    4. I usually delete some pass plays and add some run plays - the AI creates a playbook with more pass options than I prefer.

    This process does not take a ton of time as I'm only adjusting approximately 20 plays. And if you don't have time, the computer does a decent job of creating playbooks, especially with 200 plays to choose from. I believe game planning is more important.

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